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Thread: Hair-worn 1x DB item

  1. Default Hair-worn 1x DB item

    Selling for cash only via Paypal at $6 per million. Please bid in even million increments. BO considered.

    an iridescent glaes jellyfish hair-pin

    +5 DB


    Sold on BO- pending
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    Does this go towards like max things you can wear ?

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    It counts in your hair slot. I think you get 1 of those. I'm also pretty positive it didn't interfere with my hair bauble.

    Placed in your hair:
    an iridescent glaes jellyfish hair-pin (functional)

    I know it's a rare item location. It was a raffle win to have it added to something, it didn't specify, so..

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    50 mil

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    61 mil

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    Get your bids in! Reminder that this is a cash auction despite bids being in silvers.
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