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Thread: Hair-worn 1x DB item

  1. Default Hair-worn 1x DB item

    Selling for cash only via Paypal at $6 per million. Please bid in even million increments. BO considered.

    an iridescent glaes jellyfish hair-pin

    +5 DB


    Sold on BO- pending
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    Does this go towards like max things you can wear ?

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    It counts in your hair slot. I think you get 1 of those. I'm also pretty positive it didn't interfere with my hair bauble.

    Placed in your hair:
    an iridescent glaes jellyfish hair-pin (functional)

    I know it's a rare item location. It was a raffle win to have it added to something, it didn't specify, so..

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    So pretty

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    50 mil

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    The sound is sickening. A macabre chorus of flesh tearing, bones snapping or sliced, blood suckling and rushing in to fill the sudden onslaught of vicious wounds. Each prisoner stabs violently at themselves, driving the blades into their stomach, over and over and over. They scream, some of them almost enjoying it, as the sticky blood pours over their hands and arms like a sanguine curtain.
    -Kenstrom, making all of the V'Tull and Kai followers kill themselves

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    61 mil

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    Get your bids in! Reminder that this is a cash auction despite bids being in silvers.
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