For this HARDCORE competition, the goal is to collect an object or bundle of objects possessing the highest value possible under a set of fixed conditions.

What is eligible PART ONE - There are TWO different categories of items for this competition. The first category includes weapons, shields, armor, enhancive items, jewelry, and GM Boxfound items. If you feel this list is incomplete, let me know and iíll consider adding to it.

What is eligible PART TWO - The second category of eligible items include skins (up to a bundle of 10), gems, scrolls, non-jewelry magical items, alchemy items, and clothing/containers. The only item which may be stacked in order to increase its value are skins. Again, if you feel this list is missing a type of item similar to those listed, let me know and it may be added.


  1. The item in question cannot be obtained via purchase from the pawnshop or NPC store. All other rules of the HARDCORE competition in terms of gaining items also apply.
  2. Any item found since the beginning of the HARDCORE competition is eligible, but you must still have it in your possession. The item must remain in your possession until the end of the competition in order to remain eligible.
  3. You may enhance the worth of the item via any means available to you as a player, including the utilization of merchant services. The most obvious method would be via Bard Purification Song (1004). Premium Point enhancement is NOT permitted.
  4. You may take advantage of the Trading skill, Citizenship, Enhancives, and Racial Bias in order to get the best possible appraisal for your item. However, it must be your HARDCORE character doing said appraisal.
  5. For items worth more than the 35k that the pawnshop will give you, the Bard sung value will be used instead.
  6. Free to Play (F2P) entries will be judged separately from non-F2P entries. Assuming two or more entries are submitted for each category (via separate players) they will be eligible for their own separate prize pool.

Prizes - The winner of each category will receive a 2 million silver prize as well as their addition to the HARDCORE Competition Leaderboards. The prize will be given to a non-HARDCORE character of your choosing.

Deadline - The deadline for the competition is 2 weeks from today, 28 November 11:59 PM EST.

Method of Entry - You may enter the competition by submitting a log of your itemís appraisal or if appropriate, Bard Song value to this thread. Note that the winning itemís value WILL be verified.

Feel free to ask questions, comment, or make suggestions to this competition in this thread.

Good luck!