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Thread: Kroderine katar

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    Default Kroderine katar

    Will go once, twice, sold
    updates twice daily(for once, twice, sold) at noon and 6pm CST

    a wing-framed kroderine kunai
    +22, max light, kroderine properties(dispells your target, immune to weaponfire)

    SOLD on buyout
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    Khaladon starts to turn the crystal knob, but stops with a frightened look on his face. He begins shaking uncontrollably and flies across the room, as though by some invisible force.

    **SPLAT!!** Khaladon careens off the far wall, slides down the smooth wood panelling and collapses into a quivering heap on the floor, with only his dignity bruised.

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    Dispels one spell per hit or how much

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    Didn't like it as much as you though you would?

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    The anti-magic properties make it not able to be paladin bonded. I jumped the gun buying it without researching. Warriors can bond just fine, but I don't have a lvl 80 warrior to use it.

    yes, dispells 1 spell at a time.
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    Ugh, yeah, not being able to bond it would make it worthless to a Paladin. That sucks.

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    1-3 spells per flare.

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    I've only seen it dispell 1 spell at a time over a couple days of spelling up frost giants and nicking them to test it.

    also there is a chance for this...

    You punch with a wing-framed kroderine kunai at a frost giant!
    AS: +303 vs DS: +240 with AvD: +31 + d100 roll: +25 = +119
    ... and hit for 10 points of damage!
    Minor puncture to the left leg.

    ** Your kroderine kunai glows brightly for a moment, consuming the magical energies around the frost giant! **

    A frost giant becomes unbalanced for a second, then recovers.
    The elemental aura around a frost giant fluxes chaotically!
    ... 60 points of damage!
    Flame engulfs back: a frost giant flambe!
    You sense a surge of essence being dragged from the giant, only to dissipate as your multicolored soulstone overflows with power.
    The frost giant falls to the ground motionless.
    The deep blue glow leaves a frost giant.
    Deep blue motes swirl away from a frost giant and fade.
    The light blue glow leaves a frost giant.
    The air calms down around a frost giant.
    The powerful look leaves a frost giant.
    A frost giant appears to lose some internal strength.
    [LNet]-You: "DB is sunday night"
    [LNet]-GSIV:Miscast: "serious?"
    [LNet]-You: "no"
    [LNet]-GSIV:Miscast: "fuck you"

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    What is soul stone

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    That's awesome messaging. I think I overlooked this metal and those glove weapon things at DR.

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