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    Default Bows or Blows

    I've got a lvl 38 pocket wizard but I now have an account where I can put him and actually be able to hunt.

    He's a Burghal Gnome. I'm trying to decide how to Warmage him and was considering ranged or UAC. I've read the Whirlin guide to ranged. Looking for ideas and opinions on the +/- of the two builds.

    Spell Ranks:
    Minor Elemental :30
    Major Elemental :25
    Wizard Base :35

    Stats: Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 76 (-2) ... 76 (-2)
    Constitution (CON): 77 (23) ... 77 (23)
    Dexterity (DEX): 62 (16) ... 62 (16)
    Agility (AGL): 86 (28) ... 86 (28)
    Discipline (DIS): 75 (7) ... 75 (7)
    Aura (AUR): 92 (26) ... 92 (26)
    Logic (LOG): 93 (31) ... 93 (31)
    Intuition (INT): 74 (17) ... 74 (17)
    Wisdom (WIS): 84 (17) ... 84 (17)
    Influence (INF): 84 (12) ... 84 (12

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    I would say ranged simply because you can effectively use 10x with it versus the 4x. Ranged you can have 50 boxes and RT will never change but not the same with UAC. Also aiming at your level ranged will make things easier too

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    I'd vote UAC because of your stats. UAF is a combination of STR/AGL bonuses vs Ranged is dex bonus. But either one will work.

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    Ya, either should be ok. Ranged is OP but a bit more TP instense. Do you guys know anything about celerity and UAC? I see the tables for weapons and ranged.

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    FYI the test server is still live. Great place to play around with skills/training.

    You attempt to kick a mist wraith!
    You have excellent positioning against a mist wraith.
    UAF: 223 vs UDF: 1 = 2.000 (capped) * MM: 105 + d100: 16 = 226
    ... and hit for 99 points of damage!
    Huge strike vaporizes the left thigh.
    The mist wraith convulses, falling inward upon itself while the leg mends.
    You hear a sound like a weeping child as a white glow separates itself from the mist wraith's body as it rises, disappearing into the heavens.
    The mist wraith falls to the ground motionless.
    Roundtime: 4 sec.
    Roundtime changed to 1 second.

    That's with 20 ranks of Air lore.

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    UAC for a warmage is interesting on small races because you'll basically always be punching/kicking them in the shins and knocking them over. I found it was actually really nice when I did this with a burghal gnome, but ultimately decided to make my giantman wizard a UAC warmage instead. The burghal gnome is ranged, but he uses a mechanical gnomish crossbow.

    You should consider the advantages of the mechanical crossbow with your stats. The problem you're going to have with Ranged is:

    1. Air Lore ranks for longbow
    2. STR stats to get your RT on the longbow down sufficiently

    I'm not sure what your RT is right now when you fire the longbow without 506 running, but if it's greater than 5 seconds, then you'll have to work on getting some STR enhancives. You'll need around 60+ ranks in Air Lore to bring the RT of a longbow down to 1 second.

    However, with a mechanical crossbow the restrictions are much easier to manage at lower levels. You get some benefits as well.

    1. The crossbow can be fired at the same RT (2s - 1s with 506 running) regardless of STR or Air Lore
    2. The crossbow can be cocked in 1s with only 10 ranks of Air Lore.
    3. Kneeling with the crossbow yields an additional +30AS over a bow.
    4. Crossbows have higher DF and are (supposedly) easier to aim. Though I rarely tried to aim since my ranged warmage is younger.

    Yes, it is riskier to kneel while using a crossbow due to the lowered defenses. Also, I believe you get less DS with a crossbow in general. These things are generally less noticeable if use 909/410 and keep 919 going and the fact that you're only kneeling for 1 second (firing the crossbow). Definitely warrants some kind of script to cycle through 1)Cock, 2)Kneel, 3)Stand, 4)Stance. Also, with mechanical crossbows, you'll want to load them after every shot to ensure that you keep at least 1 bolt in the chamber.

    Ultimately, I find UAC to be "more fun" because gathering arrows or bolts is tedious IMO, but the training routine is much easier with Ranged.
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    Only problem with the mechanical crossbow is that you'll never get your RT below 2 seconds (1 for cocking, 1 for firing), whereas eventually you'd be able to bring it down to 1 second with a longbow in the theoretical future. By eventually I mean whenever you could get (I think) 70 air lore ranks. In the meantime, the mechanical crossbow is definitely a viable alternative if you want to do ranged, but the extra steps involved in loading and cocking are slightly more annoying than an already annoying process of using a ranged weapon. The mech crossbows are great for small races, though -- it was one of the only weapons I could ever find that was effective for my halfling rogue (though he eventually settled on UAC).

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