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Thread: 7x and 8x OHEs

  1. Default 7x and 8x OHEs

    Clearing some inventory so I can buy new toys. Open to buyouts. Thanks for looking.

    a deeply-curved rolaren dagger, 7x, less than 2 lbs, max light — CB: 4m to StabbyRogue SOLD!
    LOOK: This finely-honed dagger bears a wickedly curved rolaren blade, coated with an inky black substance so as to prevent the reflection of light. The hilt is carved from black willow and set with several polished rubies that gleam in stark contrast to the dark wood. The rather understated blade and strikingly ornate pommel combine to form a weapon that is equally artful and deadly. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

    an imposing barbed longblade, 7x, lightning flares, 4 lbs (with room for more lightening), longsword base — CB: 7m to Arshwikk SOLD!
    LOOK: This well-balanced sword is wrought of the finest steel and is the dark hue of a moonless night. The wickedly barbed slender blade is inlaid with scrimshawed bone and honed to a razor-sharp edge. The hilt and pommel are wrought of heavy black golvern and the handle is wrapped with supple black suede to ensure a firm grip. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

    a long serrated ebon glaes machete, 8x, falchion base, max light at 3lbs — CB: SOLD! on a buyout offer
    LOOK: The machete is an instrument of deadly utility, made more versatile by the sharp serrations along the spine of the weapon. Nearly translucent, crimson-tinged black glaes forms the blade with a long sculpted-grip invar handle. You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph.

    some sky blue prayer beads inlaid with tiny golden pegasi, Tonis prayer beads discovered at EG a decade ago (I think), 500k flat
    >analyze bead
    You analyze your prayer beads and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    These prayer beads are attuned to Tonis.
    They may be freely altered but must remain "prayerbeads" or "prayer beads."
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    6m machete

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    2m dagger

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    updated some bids and added Tonis prayer beads

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    6.5 on the fal
    5.5 on the longsword

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    7m on Machete

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    10m machete, 4m dagger.
    Out of room at The Tomb

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    11 machete

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    updated the bidding, it'll be once/twice/sold

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    updated bids, all will be sold tomorrow unless new bids come in

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