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Thread: A I the only real new player in Gemstone?

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    Default Am I the only real new player in Gemstone?

    Hello! This is my first post n this ancient Forum! As I noticed, this placed seemed smaller and older than the other forums I post in such as Maidens of the Kaleidoscope. I just discovered GDIV in like a month ago and I a pretty impressed `bout it! I never knew a game about words on a black box had me more interested than most Triple A titles. I came to Gemstone as a refuge and a curious guy. See, I like old things, old games, old books, old people and old knowledge. I wanna buy a full suit of armor one day even though there is no point to it and a person with more money would rather buy a Mansion or a Ferrari. But here I am, playing a game that is twice as old as me even though there is Runescepe, World of Warcraft or whatever. I came here from a video from Tolarian Community College.

    Video in question:

    So that is how I discovered Gemstone. Now, since mid-September a clueless, Red-haired, Grey-Eyed Human Warrior named Hlendril is running around with no I dea what to do. Even goin` around in Silverwood for questions does not give much answers due to the complexity of this game. Now, I ask this question if I am the only one new here. Most likely its going to be a returning player who played Gemstone IV when Daria Morgendorffer was still a thing (God, those were the good days) and was born in the 80s, late 70s. So really, I a walking among giants. I am with people who played this game straight for 25-30 years straight and some people who returned after 15 or 20 years of absence. AM I the only new guy here? Should I be intimidated? Hec, I`m a F2P for crying out loud and I`ll be that way `till I graduate College and find a decent job. So what do ye veterans have to suggest and say?

    Anyway, it is an Honor being part of such a old community that has stood the test of time. I hope it gets bigger and better!
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    Welcome. You're certainly in the minority as a new player, but I've run across several in recent weeks. I'd expect this:

    - You'll be lost for a month and a half. We all were.
    - After that time, you should have some idea what you're doing and what type of character you want to play
    - You'll make some friends and start having fun

    It's tougher at very low levels now; I find most people are just trying to grind them out, and there's not a lot of hunting partners. It gets much better around 20 or so, when the time to level starts to take longer.

    If you need help, feel free to look up Rencelas in game. Are you using Lich? That's the best way to contact people in general.
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    Well thanks for the reply. Now I am not using Lich, though as I don't think such a basic class like a warrior may need it but I will try it. Now, my favourite part about the game is certainly the Roleplay aspect. It's so fun to just let you're character grow with the character grow and interact, develop and it's just so fun. In fact, Roleplaying for me is my favourite part of the game and it kinds of caused me to not gain experience because I am too busy looking for someone to RP with. Unfortunately nobody accompanied me at hunting that much and the people I wish to RP with are all capped and too busy with the current storyline wherein my character's level is too low. Who are the only novices out there I can meet? Is there a way to have a get together of people like me?
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    The best part of Gemstone for me was when I was first exploring. Enjoy.
    I don't use Lich. If you want to do business with me, contact me via PM, IG, or on AIM. Or maybe use smoke signals. Don't like it, get off of my lawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by budartagnan View Post
    Welcome. You're certainly in the minority as a new player, but I've run across several in recent weeks.
    I've encountered two different new players in the past couple weeks in Ta'Vaalor. Maybe there are always a few new players running around and I just haven't noticed. Hope so.
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    It is unfortunate that new characters start in different towns, but it's a left over from a bygone era where Gemstone was too crowded and spreading out the population was highly desired. Your odds of running into a new player is remote, but it is possible. Some of the returning players haven't played for so long they may as well be new players, so there's always that hope too.

    Good luck in your quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    Well thanks for the reply. Now I am not using Lich, though as I don't think such a basic class like a warrior may need it but I will try it.
    Lich isn't really based on what class you play, some of the extra scripts you can download can be used more by certain classes though. The base lich has some really useful features if nothing else than the chat option in game and the overlay map you can use. It really helps with finding your way around. I would recommend not using go2 until you get very familiar with your surrounding. Go2 is a movement script that can take you to any location in the game automatically.

    The chat function is really the biggest draw. It will allow you to get answers from out of character questions in real time without having to find a mentor. Maybe stay away from the lnet channel and focus more to prime channel, lnet can get very off GS topic where prime is mainly regarding GS related things.
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    Welcome aboard!

    As a new player I had a slow time finding folks to group with because I was loathe to just ask others if they wanted to group, many players are lone wolves and I did not want to impose.

    What I did was set a key to: smile and waves a cheery "safe hunting!" as he passes by.
    I would hit the key and then move on. That way I would get folks to approach me if they were interested in RP or a hunt partner, it let them know I was approachable without appearing aggressive or forward, and it cut down on negative replies.

    It is good to see another roleplayer joining the ranks, good luck and have fun!

    "You're well beyond training for a reason."...Gelston

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    I have lockers full of 4x gear when you are ready for them, give Askip a thought on the global crystal amulet channel (wear/rub a crystal amulet, ESP DEFault GLObal).

    Also, do not let the learning curve bother you. I am still finding out about things I did not know. The game is that huge, which is part of the attraction for me.

    "You're well beyond training for a reason."...Gelston

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    I came back recently after a break of two decades, and it probably took me at least a month to even get my bearings. I had to relearn everything. I imagine starting from scratch at this point would be arduous. My only advice, as others have said, if you haven't yet done so, install lich, narost, and all the useful scripts for it. They make the game much more manageable and immersive imho. And I say this as another warrior. Lnet (part of lich) alone is worth it, as there you can ask questions, etc.
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