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Thread: A I the only real new player in Gemstone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    A lot of people cash out when they quit, not expecting to return. And then they end up returning. Sometimes they're able to buy their character back, sometimes they can't so they either buy another character or start from scratch.

    Another thing to keep in mind is a lot of "official" information is outdated and Simu just lets it rot on the website, unless they got their shit together sometime recently and finally cleaned it up, which I doubt.

    Gemstone in a nutshell: Really awesome game, but could still be 47320478390x better if it weren't run by a company that's run by very stupid people.
    One can only wonder if Gemstone was run by Wizards of the Coast... Or Jagex.

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    Is anyone else having a hard time launching the browser front end client?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    Is anyone else having a hard time launching the browser front end client?
    yes. I use it for login rewards, otherwise I wouldn't recommend using it for actually playing.
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    Don't play in the browser if you can help it. Stormfront is my favorite. Some people use Wizard, but I don't really see the upside besides nostalgia.
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