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    So, right now I have Shadow Mastery 3, Mobility 2, Surge 5, Cunning Defense 5, Punch Mastery 2, Kick Mastery 2.

    And I don't know what I should be aiming for next, it's a toss up for me between Vanish or Silent Strike, or finishing off my punch/kick mastery. Any advice would be appreciated...

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    Vanish is a nice get out of RT jail free card to aim for. Not 100% sure on your hunting style, but I'm guessing you're an ambushing UAC rogue. One cman missing from your arsenal is divert, which is nice for isolating your target. I would also definitely finish off the UAC mastery you use the most (no need to finish both in my opinion.)

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    Ditch mobility. It sounds great and all, but get into a cycle of being knocked over and stand and immediately knocked over again you can end up stuck awhile. I guess I would say in truth later on training wise it is a liability, not an asset. Do you run shadow mastery and surge heavily or just when you feel it is needed? Just something to consider on what attack cman's to get if they are heavy stamina use.

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    i run surge constantly, shadow mastery hardly at all. The shadow mastery I have now was more for being able to get vanish or silent strike down the road.
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    Something I do with the two is alternate between them, using one and then the other as the cooldown for the first recovers. Some other stuff to consider is evade mastery and toughness, would give you a bit more of a defensive edge. As for silent strike, I am not a big fan but I do know a lot who love it. The stamina costs with it for my style hunting is a pain but I imagine with unarmed it wouldn't be bad.

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    1. I'll second that vanish is a life-saver.

    2. I keep mobility in case I do ever get stuck in the open and knocked down. I'd rather waste the points than be stuck on my back.

    3. I hunt exclusively from hiding so I use shadow mastery pretty much constantly. The one second RT to move is worth 5 ranks.

    4. I always have one rank of toughness. It only takes 6 training points and gets you an extra 15 HP. It might not sound like a lot but it can be the difference between living and dying.

    5. I suspect you use gloves and boots so it probably won't help at all, but if you do carry a weapon around, until they fix the mechanics, disarm is useful.

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    Thirded that vanish is a life-saver.

    As for mobility, if you have the time and inclination you can learn rogue gambits to be able to stand up in hiding so I never got that one myself. I just used vanish more.

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    ok, good stuff. I'll work on Vanish and finishing up my UAC mastery. I'll take a look at evade mastery too, I liked the look of it, but that would be down the road a bit still.

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    If twc style on unarmed, dervish stance is quite fun. Sizable multi-ops pre-req for it though.

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