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Thread: Quickstrike and the rift

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    Default Quickstrike and the rift

    I have heard that a lot of people use quickstrike in the rift.

    I am not overly familiar with it myself, can I get specific example of how you use it?

    I would also really appreciate it if you could let me know what scripts you guys use to help you hunt? I am not necessarily talking about bigshot but just scripts which aid you hunting..

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    Roblar uses it a lot, but I never use it. It really is a matter of style and your weapon choice. If you use fast weapons you probably won't find it to be super useful. I don't use any scripts, but do use quite a few macros for launching attacks and for skinning.
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    I do, but not sure if he means the cman quickstrike or the new system.

    Anyway, if there is a non PC creature in the room you can just do: cman q at the minimum. Or you can add a target including a PC. Like Archigeek mentioned it varies on weapon base.

    I hate the 3rd person tired message but it is just too nice with 2 second rt at the cost of plentiful stamina. Stamina cost varies too based on the weapon(s) used. It fills the gap while waiting on mstrike fatigue nicely when not a critical swarm to mstrike again at stamina cost or berserk. The cman is unfocused so sometimes an open aim may be better but many places speed is paramount and sometimes I just do the quickstrike to stun an annoying non primary target (like a caster) before doing the longer mstrike rt on the guild task or whichever.
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    Talking about the new system.. I hadn't really tried it out, seems okay but a bit expensive on the stamina front.

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    Ah, I played with it when the cman went away but forget to ever use or try it again.

    It seemed clunky in syntax and very expensive (though this varies on weapon or attack type). But it is more flexible in being to aim, use cmans, and specify the amount of reduction you're looking for.

    Doing the same 2 seconds though for a simple attack I'm pretty sure it was alot more though, as well as more a pia to manually activate.

    There is the Striking Asp martial stance that helps with the cost abit but only 1 (or 2 at rank 3) uses and back to very expensive afterwards. Plus, at the cost of both cman pts and your one martial stance.

    I prefer the quicker manual and constant (known) stamina cost to better manage the pool, at the cost of flexibility and aiming.

    But, you can do both as (excluding the martial stance) anyone can use it.

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    The strength of the new combat command quickstrike is its flexibility. You wont use the larger RT reductions often but -1 or 2 seconds on your feints or ambushes come in handy in dangerous areas.

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    I'll have to see if it works with hurling.
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