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Thread: Stat Placement (Capped)

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    yeah I will drop off after all the conversions about 126.5 MTP which isnt horrible be nice to repair that low dex stat.

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    Last question wouldn't I end up better having IT maxed thant IF for dodging and managing against Cmans/etc? Thanks for all the help folks first time I been this close to capping so trying to get myself ready for when that happens
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    I'm not sure from a mechanical perspective how INF affects empaths, but it certainly seems like a bad idea to tank a prime stat. You'd lose more TPs in the fixstat, if nothing else.

    As a human, you do also have +5 to your INT, so you'd still end up with a decent bonus if you tank INT. My empath is a halfling, so the +10 INT and -5 INF made it an easy choice.

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