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Thread: Stat Placement (Capped)

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    Default Stat Placement (Capped)

    Hey Folks,

    I am looking to try and figure out the best stat placement for a capped human Empath. This is creeping up fast and looking to do some planning to nab a fixstat in a few more trainings. Been gone for so long not sure what the ideal placement is to get the most out of your capped stats. I am pure CS casting if that matters at all. Help is very much appreciated!

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    I'll be doing the same on my dwarf before long. Best as I can reckon the dump stat is Intuition (since Influence is a prime stat for empaths).

    Play with that. I stick 100s everywhere except a 20 in Intuition and what that spits out is what I'll probably go with.

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    yeah it recommends not having a 100 in wisdom which I dont like so I guess I need to play around with it

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    Level 0 Stats for Rhangath, Human Empath

    Strength (STR): 92
    Constitution (CON): 67
    Dexterity (DEX): 49
    Agility (AGI): 79
    Discipline (DIS): 60
    Aura (AUR): 50
    Logic (LOG): 60
    Intuition (INT): 46
    Wisdom (WIS): 76
    Influence (INF): 81

    These are my current stats at LVL 94 also

    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Constitution (CON): 96 (23) ... 96 (23)
    Dexterity (DEX): 75 (12) ... 75 (12)
    Agility (AGI): 96 (23) ... 96 (23)
    Discipline (DIS): 96 (23) ... 96 (23)
    Aura (AUR): 84 (17) ... 84 (17)
    Logic (LOG): 96 (28) ... 96 (28)
    Intuition (INT): 84 (22) ... 84 (22)
    Wisdom (WIS): 100 (25) ... 118 (34)
    Influence (INF): 100 (25) ... 111 (30)

    So what if confusing to me is my current build has more skill points in the end then the a build which as better end goal stats. Am I missing something here or is it just the stat cruncher isnt working on those figures correctly?
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    It's pretty common for "perfect" stat sets to have less training points than non-optimized sets. When you're optimizing stats, you're usually not aiming for the most training points but rather the highest stats to feed into all the resolution systems, knowing that you can make the training points up over time through post-cap work.

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    Related note, my paladin is set for best TPs at cap. There used to be a stat calculator that had the option to choose perfect stats vs. best TPs, but I can't find it anymore.

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    STR: 86
    CON: 70
    DEX: 82
    AGL: 82
    DIS: 62
    AUR: 73
    LOG: 62
    INT: 32
    WIS: 49
    INF: 62

    This should give you 100s in everything at cap for a human empath, with the exception of an 81 in INT.

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    ahhh interesting see I always assumed the you would get better points with perfect stats! That is good to know and might give me some reason to hold off on this until I am a bit further into being capped

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    Your prime stats. They're worth double TP generation, but also have ridiculously fast GIs.

    Placing stats for TP would be maxing WIS and INT at 100 super early on. The problem is that they also have growth rates of 30ish, so they'd naturally gain 1 point every 1-3 levels. So you could likely cap your WIS at 100 by placing a 49 into it. But that's 100 levels of getting less TP contribution from WIS compared to a build focused on TP generation. While the slower stats may start out higher, with the double emphasis on your prime stats, that tends to be a bigger drain than advantage. While you're Level range 90+ TP generation with perfect stats would be higher than 90+ TP generation with imperfect stats, it doesn't make up for the first 90 levels, or whatever level that tipping point really occurs.

    The biggest reason that TP doesn't matter is that at cap, XP = TP forever. You can always outgrow the lower TP shortcomings, your XP will never directly produce stats.

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    He means WIS and INF

    I did a fixstat around maybe 10m exp and lost something like 200 PTP. Kind of an annoying setback, but worth it in the long run.
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