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Thread: Feature-Concealing Cloak

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    Default Feature-Concealing Cloak

    an inky black spidersilk cloak
    6/140 (huge amt)

    The dark, fluid length of spidersilk is sporadically woven with threads of silver that effect a subtle shimmer. An intricately wrought sunburst, its wavy rays tipped with tiny amber and topaz accents, serves as the garment's clasp.
    Pull the cloak to conceals all of your features (not inventory) up to me being in good shape:

    It is difficult to properly see his features as the hood of his cloak is pulled down over his face.

    CB: 17M to Legales - Sold & delivered
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    I will bid 15m on this
    μολὼν λαβέ

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    16m - this is not climate wear scripted, correct?
    The sound is sickening. A macabre chorus of flesh tearing, bones snapping or sliced, blood suckling and rushing in to fill the sudden onslaught of vicious wounds. Each prisoner stabs violently at themselves, driving the blades into their stomach, over and over and over. They scream, some of them almost enjoying it, as the sticky blood pours over their hands and arms like a sanguine curtain.
    -Kenstrom, making all of the V'Tull and Kai followers kill themselves

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    It is not climatewear, pull/push to toggle the feature hiding ability.

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    i have one just like this found at eg but it has ghezyte flecks in it. feature concealer too, inky black spidersilk cloak

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    Last call

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    17m if this is still open

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    Yep, I was just about to close if no further bids.


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