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Thread: Interested in 7x+ MBP, daggers and falchions

  1. Default Interested in 7x+ MBP, daggers and falchions

    I'm a traditional OHE ambushing rogue. Looking to see what's out there as far as armor and weapons. I swing an 8x falchion and wear 6x acid flaring hauberk. I have about 35 million in total to spend.

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    You're treading into dangerous territory young rogue. Steer clear of the sharks that frequent the deep waters of daggers and MBP.
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    *a wild Nordred appears*

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    I know nothing of hoarding daggers, or short swords for that matter. Nope, not at all.

    I do have some basic stuff but nothing in your range that'd pop out at you. Not even sure now how to price some of my good ones now they have both damage and crit weighting and then flares as well.

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    Got a new weapon. Now I'm looking for armor — 6x or better hauberk or MBP, with padding preferred.

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