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Thread: lots of stuff all 1 silver MB

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    agate-inset imflass medallion - 125k

    sunstone inset silver torc - 125k

    golden topaz inset gold pin - 75k

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    I'll be around on and off today to deliver items. Message me here or see Optyk in game. If you message me and I don't answer try again. I'll try and get everything delivered today.

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    10k longbow

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    My bids don't seem to be getting through

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    This auction ended November 3. As a result no bids after November 2 are being accepted.

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    Still lookin to contact Rolfard, Middian, Thekak, Justin, and Medicius

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    200k stout eonake naginata
    100k golden topaz inset gold pin

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