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Thread: lots of stuff all 1 silver MB

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    scratched sephwir heavy crossbow 500k

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    battle-worn vultite naginata with an oak haft 105k Chipped Long bow 1 silver

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    elegant silver earcuff

    Find me in game as Alastir
    Or on Discord as: Alastir#9661

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    600k vultite lance

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    Auction is closed. No more bids. Sorry bubba I can not accept your bid as it was after the closing time.
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    Default lots of stuff all 1 silver MB
    Everything has a MB of 1 silver. Items will be sold to highest bidder on Friday November 3.

    Please notice the date and time of my bid. It’s still within the posted time above. Friday had barely begun.

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    I'd like to bid on:

    black pearl studded ora torc

    It provides a bonus of 3 to Spirit Mana Control Bonus.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 6 times.
    The torc looks to have quite a few charges remaining.
    You sense that the studded ora torc will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.
    You sense that the studded ora torc will persist after its last magical charge has been expended.


    - Kotin

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    stout eonake naginata
    +20 Sanctified


    ...or not. Is this auction closed and sold?
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    Items are sold on Friday November 3. All items are sold. No more bids.

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    550k on the short tailed rat

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