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Thread: silver keyln tetsubo patterened with spirals along the head

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    Default silver keyln tetsubo patterened with spirals along the head

    Maul 5x +10 thw more charges then a giantman no level restriction

    You glance at a silver kelyn tetsubo patterned with spirals along the head. The weapon is exceptionally crafted by skilled hands. The tetsubo is polished and graceful. Curiously, written upon it in flowing Erithian script is the name "Fluidity". Truly, this weapon was constructed by a master craftsman.

    5m mb 7m Chaoswynd last chance will be sold tonight without further bids

    15m buyout
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    Nice project piece for enchant

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    That's curious, I've only ever seen a show like that on Tgara weapons, and usually only katanas and wakizashis. Is it scripted?

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    yes it seems it is.

    >raise tet
    Firmly gripping your tetsubo, you raise the long weapon above your head as you take an exaggerated side step. You continue the movement by swinging the weapon in a wide arc through the air while rotating on your left foot. The slow spin is completed when your right foot meets your left and you stand ramrod straight with the tetsubo once more poised above your head.

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    Nifty, didn't think they would put that on a non-bladed weapon. Prodding it should also turn the show on/off

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    nope it shines it up or something

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    In another thread I read about plans for them being "metamorphic" but I couldn't find much info on what that means or if it happened.
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    this is like a 7x weapon here people. going once

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    μολὼν λαβέ

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    going once for this fine weapon

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