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Thread: UAC empath

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    Quote Originally Posted by khorpulent View Post
    I've never seen 525 actually work in a warcamp...
    I found this old post as well stating this...

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    Kinda lame that they block 525 in camps. They ought to just make it automatically set off the shroud so that you get stunned and put in RT and then killed by your own meteors. But at least you'd take some Grim down with you!

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    I mastered sunfist in my 60's or 70's if I recall. it's not impossible, just much harder. Implode tends to be the kicker and swarms get tight if you don't manage them.

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    I could be mistaken, I mastered some years back, but pretty sure it was Meteor Storm, unless it was Cone of Lightning before it got nerfed. I have killed a lot of brain cells since then so it is very possible I do not remember it correctly. I could have sworn though once the camp was stirred up like a hive of hornets he started in the farthest north room and then went south to the middle and east and west one then to the exit and cast in those 4 and ran out. I would have to get my desktop out of storage but I thought I even had a little script for it.

    Either way, not sure I would go Sunfist again unless I did as someone suggested and did it fast and dirty before making 10, then it would likely be a lot easier. I keep thinking about switching my rogue from CoL to Sunfst but the thought of it is just too much.

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    Yeah, I think squares are best off switching to Sunfist much later in life (not that this has any bearing on this discussion in the Empath forum). My warrior did Voln until about level 90, and then I switched him over to Sunfist. Of course, then they released the Voln update like a month later.

    But before 90+, it's hard to have enough stamina and mana to keep all the sigils up as a square. Even at cap with 3x PF, my warrior still needed stamina regen enhancives to be able to keep up major protection/bane and still be able to berserk and use maneuvers.

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