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Thread: sorcerer's guide to etiquette

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    Default sorcerer's guide to etiquette

    Looking through old logs, I found this alteration a friend of mine made and I found it amusing.

    a black leather sorcerer's handbook

    show: Engraved on the worn black leather of the cover you can make out the words "Sorcerer's Guide to Etiquette". The handbook does not seem to be well-used. There appears to be something written on it.

    read: You look over what's in the handbook, and find nothing but a few shopping lists and coupons from a local carpet-cleaning company. The rest of the pages seem to be blank.

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    LOL, I love that.
    You slap Walkar's cheek, hard.
    He continues, "I've decided that I'm not going to let you serve community service, so don't get your hopes up. To this aim, you may either pay the fine of 50000000 silvers plus any other outstanding debts you may owe, or serve a total of 120 minutes of incarceration. You may ANSWER me either FINE or INCARCERATION as your choice. But I digress. Choose quickly, now, lest I hold you in contempt of court for wasting my time."

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