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Thread: Tier 6 Pull - a wide invar band - allows you to speak and understand dwarven

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    Default Tier 6 Pull - a wide invar band - allows you to speak and understand dwarven

    a wide invar band

    >look band
    About an inch and a half in length, the shape of this small contraption was designed to comfortably follow the natural curves of the wearer's ear. Ten miniscule holes line the device's sleek outer edge, and a long wire with a flat disc on the end dangles from a tiny securing pin which is currently inserted into the fifth hole.

    >analyze band
    You analyze your wide invar band and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.
    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This item is a language translator and is currently set to the dwarven language. This is a permanent setting and cannot be changed.
    For alterations, long descriptions are allowed, but the item must remain something fairly small that makes sense to slip behind your ear. Because the item has a hard-coded show, custom show descriptions are not allowed.
    You get no sense of whether or not the band may be further lightened.

    >wear band
    After carefully positioning the wide invar band behind your ear, you grasp a dangling wire and slip an attached metal disc beneath your tongue. It tingles briefly, and you suddenly feel a heightened understanding of the dwarven language.

    >push band
    Aware that your wide invar band has slipped forward, you reach up and push the band back, situating it into a more comfortable position.

    >turn band
    You turn a small knob along the edge of your wide invar band. A shrill noise vibrates deep within your ear, startling you.

    >remove band
    You spit out a tiny disc from beneath your tongue and remove a wide invar band from behind your ear. You feel your enhanced understanding of the dwarven language slip from your mind.

    MB: 25m
    CB: 25m neimanz1 SOLD!
    BO: 125m
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    25 mil

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    Does it let you grunt and belch like a dwarf? Jk but that would be amazing!

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    If it includes dwarven only verbs then increase your BO to 1 billion.

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    But Simu would offset that power with the signature dwarven stench.
    Looking for: krodera items, the gleaming krodera long knife, oldstyle katanas

    August 20, 2006
    >just ban
    You are currently banished from Wehnimer's Landing.

    >ask clerk about citizen
    The clerk says, "Hrrrm, Mogonis, you do seem to be eligible for full citizenship. Just WRITE your name in the book if you wish to make it official."

    >write book
    You sign your name into the citizenship registration book, fully agreeing to the duties and privileges full citizenship provides you.

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    Tested belching and grunting with it, no luck there /snap

    Going once to neimanz1

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    Going to end this auction tomorrow (Saturday, when I wake up) unless there is another bid before then.

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    And SOLD to neimanz1 for 25m.

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