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Thread: Preservation (305) holy item - an ornate sapphire sigil on a woven silver cord

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    Default Preservation (305) holy item - an ornate sapphire sigil on a woven silver cord

    This is refillable 305 item that can hold a max of 10 charges, I think this is a T4. It is further unlockable

    "an ornate sapphire sigil on a woven silver cord"

    >anal my sig
    You analyze your sapphire sigil and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    You recognize that this item is a holy item of preservation. You are not certain to which Arkati it is attuned.

    An adventurer converted to the deity this item is attuned to may WAVE it at a dead adventurer to cast Preservation (305) with some holy style.

    It has 10 of 10 uses remaining, which may be replenished by pouring doses from white flasks or other Preservation potions.
    It requires 2 doses to add one remaining use.

    This item has not been unlocked. The next tier grants access to KISS, TOUCH, and RUB verbs.

    You get no sense of whether or not the sigil may be further lightened.

    MB: 50k
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