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Thread: VA meetup in Richmond

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    Never expect the weather to cooperate in VA during winter. But I'm still up for trying again in January/February.

    (If anyone needs to feel better about today being canceled: I'm about 10 minutes east of D&B, and there's a steady snow now. The roads are ok at the moment, but as soon as the sun goes down and temperatures drop, there's going to be a serious black ice issue.)

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    Why haven't we started a DnD group?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ltlprprincess View Post
    Why haven't we started a DnD group?
    Looking for: krodera items, the gleaming krodera long knife, oldstyle katanas

    August 20, 2006
    >just ban
    You are currently banished from Wehnimer's Landing.

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    >write book
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    I've always wanted to play DnD but for those who have, how soon could I get my kids involved? What age range to immerse in a life of fun and fantasy and probably ridicule among their peers?

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