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Thread: Taking Offers on Premium Point Blocks

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    I think the point we're trying to get across is you'll get more money total if you auction off the premium and the platinum points separately for each account. Many of us have zero interest in the Platinum points, so they'll likely be sold/auctioned off by the winner to someone in Plat who could use them since it would be a waste of their win otherwise. The thought of having to do this will push some buyers off of bidding in the first place. It would be in your better interest to split this into 4 auctions (a buyer for the Premium Points and then a different one for the Platinum points) and not sell them as a parcel deal per account. If someone is interested in the combination aspect, then they can bid on both parts of the same account.

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    What Zarston said exactly.

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    Agreed on that. So, here's what we're going to do.

    Right now, the points on the Prime accounts are up for auction. As before, they will go once, twice and sold, updated once per day. As before, I do reserve the right to refuse a bid if I don't know or trust you, but I do accept references. Paypal preferred.

    Current bids are as follows.

    Account 1 - 8800 points
    High bid: $400 to Pereus

    Account 2 - 13200 points
    High bid: $1000 to Adred

    This is only for use of the points. I will maintain control of the account at all times, so you would need to pass the item to me to get it worked on. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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    Thanks for being open to our suggestions. I'll bid $425 on Account 1.

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    Well, I'd be rather foolish not to listen to sensible suggestions, wouldn't I?

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    Did you end up deciding on any kind of pro-rating policy?
    me: fuck yeah got a good hit in, like 70 damage!
    <goat walks in and hits for 2100>

    alright well, fuck you too. /quit

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    The 8.8k point block has been sold on a generous buyout!

    The 13.2k block is now going once at $1000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goat View Post
    Did you end up deciding on any kind of pro-rating policy?
    Let me do a bit of research on this and I'll post an answer.

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    Sold on buy out?? There was a buy out? I didn't even get to bid yet....
    Last edited by dex; 10-20-2017 at 09:30 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dex View Post
    Sold on buy out?? There was a buy out? I didn't even get to bid yet....
    I understand the surprise. Let me see if I can find an equitable solution for the other block.

    Speaking of which, the current bid on the second block is $1100.

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