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Thread: EG auction - more of those T4 spell preps/containers/clothes/etc.

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    MB a barnacled seafoam green mask

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    an oiled light leather courier bag with polished faenor buckles - MB: 50k
    Zested, back/shoulder worn

    50k on that

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    Marked first set of items sold.

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    250k on the indigo note

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    a hazy indigo note 300K
    a hazy ebon note 300K
    a grizzled pirate captain idol 10k
    a scaled serpent idol 10K

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    350k on the indigo note

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    a vaalin-bound mist grey shard suspended from a rusty indigo chain - MB: 50k
    a pure white sealskin mantle with a lustrous black coral clasp - MB: 25k

    MBs, please.

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    200k: a silver-threaded indigo survival kit

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    Marked more items sold.

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    400k hazy ebon note

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