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Thread: By request: how a sorcerer gets a silly physical AS

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    I finally got there.

    You take aim and thrust with a silvery blue mithril pike at a pale scaled shaper!
    AS: +1002 vs DS: +736 with AvD: +38 + d100 roll: +90 = +394
    ... and hit for 297 points of damage!
    Awesome shot skewers skull! The scaled shaper blinks once and falls quite dead!
    [LNet]-GSIV:Glaves: "Dergoatean is swedish for Stillfront"

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    Lol nuts
    The only rude person I met was a taxi driver in kagoshima. I was going from the train station to the ferry to take it over to an island and was showing him my papers and he was like "oh, climb mountain?" and I'm like "hai, yep!" and he made a muscle pose(bent arm, whatever you call it) laughed, and rubbed my belly.. like "oh, no, you fat american fuck, you no get up there", but whatever - Japhrimel

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