Found this in a DSD box. Comes with an elegant blue tanik chest. It's a +18 large shield, weapon harness, +5 AGI bonus and +5 CMAN ranks.

You open the lid on your blue tanik chest, locking the hinges in place to prop the lid up safely.

In the blue tanik chest:
Armor [1]: a silver-edged villswood scutum

Dyed with deep blue, the artisan that crafted this villswood scutum took great care to use the natural, saw-toothed grain to create the image of rolling waves. Bits of white cowrie shell are sporadically inlaid along the long lengths to resemble white caps with the waves, while a fleet of ships fashioned of mother-of-pearl and water sapphires rests upon the horizon. A bold, rolled silver edge is wrought in the semblance of puffy clouds at the top and ragged cliffs at the bottom. On the reverse of the scutum, a complex webbing of oiled leather straps and polished buckles forms an intricate arm harness. The straps are arranged in a pattern that appears able to secure a weapon within.

A silver-edged villswood scutum: Weight: 10 pounds, Value: 1,000,000, Purpose: shield, Bonus: +18, Enhancive bonus: 5 to Combat Maneuvers Ranks (No level requirement mentioned), Enhancive bonus: 5 to Agility Stat (No level requirement mentioned) Charges remaining: a lot, Persists on enhancive: Yes.

You analyze your villswood scutum and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
You get a strong sense that the scutum can be altered by any merchant as long as the harness" remains in place.

Currently you are able to use DROP, RUB (Get Weapon), TURN, COWER, and PUNCH/KILL/SLAP/BATTER on the villswood scutum. The size of the weapon that can be stored in the scutum's harness is dependent on the size of the shield.

You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the villswood scutum for you.

>rub scutum
You examine your scutum for scars and imperfections. Flipping it over, you adjust the leather harness attached to the scutum, taking care to adjust the tangle of straps and buckles to a perfect fit.

>turn scutum
You place your scutum on the floor and place one foot on it and kneel down. Unlacing the harness, you meticulously inspect the straps and buckles for signs of wear. Carefully, you weave the braided leather into the buckles and cinch it tightly.

>cower scutum
You pull your villswood scutum over your head and hunker down.

>put maul in scutum
You unbuckle the oiled leather harness of your scutum. Carefully, you slide your maul into the webbing, then cinch it tightly.

You pick up a silver-edged villswood scutum.
>punch scutum
You clench your hand into a fist and proceed to bang it up against the front of your villswood scutum as hard as you can. You succeed in producing only a very slight din, and it feels like you may have broken a finger!
>get maul
You remove a perfect maoral-hafted mithril maul from in your cookie jar.
>punch scutum
You bang your mithril maul against the front of your villswood scutum! ***Thud!***

Your careful inspection of a silver-edged villswood scutum allows you to conclude that it is a large shield that protects the bearer if carried in the left hand.

You determine that you could wear the scutum, slinging it across your shoulders and back. The scutum appears to serve some purpose.

You remember that you registered this item about a day ago.

It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of villswood.

MB: 1m