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    Hey folks,

    I just recently returned after being gone for about 5 year and wanted to see where you all recommend hunting post lvl 90. Expect to hit 92 this weekend and continue to absolutely go insane trying to hunt in the bowels. The instance kills just are enough to drive me out of my mind a bit. Wondering where I really should be focused on hunting now a-days or in there are new zones I should take a look at. Would very much appreciate any advice.

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    Old Ta'Faendryl in Ta'Illistim is certainly an option for you at that level. There is a lower level that you could hunt in relative safety that has Bent Beings, Festering Taints, and Gremlocks, and the town proper will have a mix of 73-100 level Ithzir. You'd have to ignore the Lesser/Greater Constructs, and stay out of the North away from the post-capped Champions, but otherwise very doable at 90+. It is arguably considered the easiest of the capped/post-capped areas.

    If you're looking for a real change of pace there's always Guardians of Sunfist, which would allow you to hunt Grimswarm pretty much anywhere you like. It'd mean leaving your current society and they can be a bit tough until you figure out the Warcamp mechanics.

    There are other places as well, but i'll leave those to people with more experience to recommend.
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    Yeah, I actually think that empaths are one of the best professions for warcamping since the revamp of 1117. Between 1117 and 1120 you can destroy everything without upsetting the shroud too much. It's especially fun if you can bolt and do 1117+111 in troll camps. The only character I've seen outpace my empath in a warcamp is my Voln sorc, who can just sym sleep and implode everything. But that's just because Volners cheat and don't affect the shroud.

    The third floor of Nelemar is probably your easiest option. The rift is kind of shitty if you're an empath, but plane 5 should be doable. I had a hard time with crawlers until I was a good bit past cap, though.

    There's always bandits, of course.

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    OTF Ducts contain beings (82) gremlocks (84) and taints (86) so at 90+ it's slow going. I'm 90 and still get taint bounties; I killed 26 last night for a cull task and the 26th one fried me. It's not great.

    OTF Proper is scouts (89) through champions (102). It's a biiiig range and that's what makes it hairy. You can be working on a scout/initiate/janissary bounty and run through a room with a bunch of seers and griffins in it and get trucked. Makes it fun, though. There are areas in OTF that swarm and areas that don't, so you have a choice between risky quicker hunts or slower safer ones. Run spirit servant 218 and use a staff you don't care a lot about, since getting RT locked/disarmed can and will happen. But with your build, once you get used to the area you should be able to handle it. I'm having a way easier time at 90 than I did when I messed with OTF proper at 85ish. I'm sure by 95 it'll be pretty easy.

    The Rift is gonna be plane 5 (souls and vaesps). People love or hate the rift and its isolation/timesink factors. I also hate hunting things that implode so vaesps are out. You would have been better off hunting 5 with spell aim, since vaesps melt to fire bolts real fast.

    Nelemar is not without its risks even on third floor. The cman charge and disarm maneuvers will wreck you at 90ish. Go in with padded armor and a lot of spells and a friend or two if you can manage it.

    I have no warcamp experience so I can't speak to that, but khorpulent knows what's up.

    edit: If you do OTF, wear at least elemental spells for the TD. Adepts cast weapon fire and if you're self cast as a spiritualist it will WRECK you. Ask me how I know. >:[
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    We are a paladin/empath combo and OTF is the better of the available options right now, granted we haven't tried Nelemar yet, but we're mid-lower 80s. Rift was fun, but like audio said, Vaesps were a pain in my ass. You could be spanking lost souls, get ewaved, then a Vaesp comes in and you're toast while in RT. When things swarm in OTF though, we move and dodge. Hunts take longer, but it's been the best so far.

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