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Thread: I love my T5 but I can't use it. What's it worth?

  1. Default I love my T5 but I can't use it. What's it worth?

    Everything about this box and its contents are gorgeous! There's a key to lock the box (this seems bugged though), and the key can be worn, and I love that the key can be tucked inside your shirt. But, I'm a little short of figuring it out. The amulet is enhancive for paladins (Mental Lore - Transference and Combat Maneuvers), and the lorsong references elves. The amulet has a setting for (I assume) one of the gem items. Maybe that changes messaging or the look of it? I'm a little hesitant to test the gems in the amulet before asking if someone else knows more. The bard couldn't determine the crumbly nature of them.

    And, sadly, I'm a cleric, and so it's not really of any use to me, though it's beautiful.

    a silver-lined tridacna box

    look box
    Silver foil softens the edges of the rich plum-hued box and create durable hinges that bind both sections of the enormous bivalve mollusk. Six deep folds decorate the upper lid and match with corresponding ones on the bottom, while lips curl back from the edges to display zebra-like stripes of cerulean and cobalt blues. A tiny heart-shaped silver lock is nestled in the central fold."

    open box
    Tugging the hasp from the heart-shaped lock on the rolled lip of the tridacna box, you gently lift the upper piece of the bivalve mollusk to reveal the rich, cobalt blue velvet that lines the bottom half.

    look in my box
    In the tridacna box you see a trio of aquamarine bars, several tiny brown seed pearls, several emerald disks, a cord-strung oval amulet and a water sapphire-inlaid key.

    look bars
    Brilliantly polished and uniquely cut, the bars are the palest of blues with the faintest hint of green. Iridescent inclusions, that shimmer from the center out, provide a lustrous sparkle to the heart of the bars.

    look pearls
    Connected by thin fishing line woven through holes drilled through their hearts, the tiny brown seed pearls are roughly the size of a miniature pebble. Layers of nacre create the soft iridescence of the brown seed pearls, which house multiple colors beneath their flawless, smooth surface.

    look disks
    Grass green in hue, the emeralds are smooth and brilliantly sparkle with a bluish light from deep within. Cut to the shape of simple disks, the emeralds are bound together using jeweler's twine, which is tidied knotted for a permanent binding.

    look amulet
    The oval amulet has an empty setting waiting for a gem to be pushed into it.

    analyze amulet
    The amulet has special messaging for WEAR, REMOVE, PUSH, and PULL.

    The amulet resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a bonus of 5 to Mental Lore - Transference Ranks.
    It provides a bonus of 5 to Combat Maneuvers Ranks.
    This enhancive item may not be used by the following professions: Warrior Rogue Wizard Cleric Empath Sorcerer Ranger Bard Monk Savant
    The amulet looks to have a lot of charges remaining.

    You are unable to determine if the oval amulet will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.

    look key
    Fashioned of sterling silver, the key has six tines of varying sizes protruding from its spindled end and a colorful wave-crested inlay of water sapphires at the opposite end. A simple ribbon of light blue with knotted ends is woven through a tiny ring at its base.

    analyze key
    You get a sense that the a water sapphire-inlaid key must always have a noun of key, but that the material it is strung from can be changed to anything appropriate for a necklace. It uses the verbs wear, remove, push, pull, and turn. If it is pushed, it will be tucked into your shirt. If it is pulled, it will be removed.

    Custom loresong
    As you sing to the tridacna box, your vision shimmers with glittering sunlight and you have a sense of looking at the world through crystal clear tropical waters. Sunlight disappears, and you watch as the world around you becomes more colorful as the moonlight brings to light hidden hues in the coral that surrounds you. The world shifts, and you watch as day after day, night after night, the peaceful aquatic world transitions. Slowly, the vision fades.

    Your song touches upon the tridacna box, and your vision is filled with the image of a humanoid figure swimming towards you through the sea. You feel a strange sensation as you are separated from the bed of coral that is your home. Rising up through the sea, you marvel that this must be what it is like to swim and, breaking through the gently lapping waves, feel air and sunlight for the first time. The elation of discovery dims as it dawns on you that that you can't breathe, and your vision blackens.

    As you sing to the tridacna box, a strange sensation spills across your limbs, and you feel as though they are being scraped with a knife. Warm liquid splashes against you, the familiar sensation welcome, and is immediately followed by the feeling of being dried off. Something tickles your back, and you feel joy and exhilaration as a half of you that you didn't realize was missing is fitted back against you. Though you have no control to open or close, you feel whole again. Slowly, the sensations fade away.

    As you sing to the tridacna box, your vision shifts and swirls. You find yourself perched upon the banister of a terrace, your vision bisected by a view of a sprawling elven city surrounded by glittering cobalt blue seas and that of a terracotta tiled floor that leads into a white bungalow fitted with dozens of windows. Someone nearby is calling out a name, which draws the presence of a young elf to your side.

    "Oh, Malcom," she breaths as she admires you. "It is lovely." Slowly, your vision fades.

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    Someone pointed out that Transference only helps monks? Why is it restricted to paladins?

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    May want to assist to find out, does seem odd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orthin View Post
    May want to assist to find out, does seem odd
    Agree, the day I use mental lore is the day I run out of training points as a paladin.

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    I was able to get in touch with GM Thandiwe, and she is investigating. It sounds like it's meant to be restricted to monks, which would make more sense.

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    Monks would make way more sense for this.

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