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Thread: EG Auction (2009) Planetarium Lantern

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    Default EG Auction (2009) Planetarium Lantern

    a bright veniom lantern
    2009 Grand Auction RP item
    Has 6 screens that showcase constellations and the dates they are in the sky (per season?)

    s>l lant
    Fitted with a veniom ring at its peaked roof, the bright lantern is sky blue speckled with silver streaks. Three of the lanterns four panels are completely darkened, while the fourth is fashioned of clear glass. A tiny cage beneath the lantern houses metallic screens that have oddly punched holes in them, and a short missive is etched across the glass.

    There appears to be something written on it.

    In the Common language, it reads:
    Screen 1 ~ The Handmaidens (Charlatos 21 - Olaesta 3) - The Handmaidens are Zelia's ladies-in-waiting. They sit, clustered tightly about each other in the night, looking down at the world and giggling insanely.

    Beneath the lantern is a tiny cage that houses several screens. Tiny etchings at the bottom of each piece label them and read: Screen 1- The Handmaidens (Charlatos 21 - Olaesta 3), Screen 2- The Hammer (Olaesta 4 - Olaesta 18), Screen 3- The Cat's Paw (Olaesta 19 - Ivastaen 2), Screen 4- The Mistress of Adoration (Ivastaen 3 - 17), Screen 5- The Rat (Ivastaen 18 - Lumnae 1), and Screen 6- The Dragonfly (Lumnae 2 - Lumnae 15).

    Clearly, the different constellations can be displayed by changing screens. You can accomplish this by turning the lantern and specifying the number of the desired screen.

    TURN [MY] lantern (makes it flicker)
    TURN [MY] lantern TO SCREEN {num} (sets the lantern to use the {num} screen)
    TURN [MY] lantern TO SCREEN 0 (removes the screen that may already be in place)

    With nimble fingers you pull a screen from the bottom of your veniom lantern and fit it across the glass door of your lantern, replacing the screen that had been there. You notice that the new screen is numbered "2" and labeled "The Hammer (Olaesta 4 - Olaesta 18)".

    Others see:

    Roblar turns his veniom lantern, causing the light within to flicker.

    In the Common language, it reads:
    Screen 2 ~ The Hammer (Olaesta 4 - Olaesta 18) - Depicted by five stars in the shape of a T, the Hammer is said to be Eonak's. Some say that, on clear nights, you can hear each ringing strike as the Master of the Forge works gleaming veil iron into the stars themselves.

    Striking a match, you light the candle within your veniom lantern and close the small glass door.


    You lift your veniom lantern into the air and are rewarded with the silhouette of a constellation upon the floor. Four stars, connected in a cross-hatch pattern, form the head of the hammer constellation while a fifth creates the long hammer. Candlelight flickers across the transferred constellation and lends details to the double-wrapping that binds the head of the hammer to the shaft.

    Raise (3rd person):

    Roblar raises his veniom lantern into the air causing the light to spill through the screen he's placed upon the glass door. Light pools upon the floor and the silhouette of a constellation appears there. Four stars created the pointed claws of the Cat's Paw constellation on the ground, while the other seven spread out to create the wide central pad. Delicate cuts in the screen round out the edges of the image, the flickering candlelight softening the points of the constellation.

    turn my lantern to screen 0
    You remove the screen and return it to the bottom of the veniom lantern.

    In the Common language, it reads:

    CB: 5M to Elvenlady - Sold & delivered
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    I am selling this for someone, so paid nothing.

    I don't think the new ones are the same exactly (maybe the Jackpot one that has all seasons). I believe they are seasonal. This one may have all 6 constellations/screens per season as time changes (similar to a telescope I sold before).

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    Bah, wrong folder.

    Whirlin any chance moving this to Auctions?

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    I'll start the bidding then at 5m! This would make a fabulous raffle prize for a future event I have planned with Sylvanfair!
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    Hopefully this gets moved to Auctions soon (my mistake) or I'll re-post there and carry your bid to the new thread.

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    Thank you sir..


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    After seeing how that posted T6 pull (in plat) that has 25 screens (and also looking up GS months), this is indeed seasonal (Spring). Now screen 0 read makes sense!

    Updated, & last call (unless Elvenlady bid thinking it was all seasons?)

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