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Thread: a blue monkey's paw trinket, Major Sanctuary The Deluged Bluefin

  1. Default a blue monkey's paw trinket, Major Sanctuary The Deluged Bluefin

    a blue monkey's paw trinket : This is a prize token that, once REDEEMed, will "Grant you the ability to cast a customized Major Sanctuary(220) of:
    The Deluged Bluefin
    Encased in a bubble of air, the room appears to be the waterlogged remains of a restaurant's bar. Water drips from the once polished fixtures, while seaweed clings to a marble floor that is similar in color to the oily fronds. Though no seats remain around the bar, which is crafted of an aquarium that long ago lost all of its denizens, a silver-edged green glass door still bears its bluefin design.

    READ ME!"

    The effect of this token is cosmetic. It does not increase the effect or damage caused by a spell.
    This item does NOT grant spell knowledge. REDEEMing this item assumes that the player already has the ability to cast the customized spell either from an item, Spell Knowledge, or having the spell cast upon you, if applicable.
    MB: 1m


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