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Thread: Stance Dance/Auto Stand

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    Default Stance Dance/Auto Stand

    Hopefully my last question for awhile on this as got most of what I needed since returning. I was wondering if anyone has a decent lich script for auto-standing after being knocked down, or for stance dancing back to defensive after being knocked into offensive/etc.

    Thanks folks

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    ;staystanding works well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stavman View Post
    ;staystanding works well
    could it be called something else now? I originally looked for that mod but it appears to not be listed

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    gave ;stand a try and man it was annoying as it isnt really triggered in ways I would expect... like sitting a table wasnt possible with it running. Didnt always seem to trigger either. Will need to keep looking see what I can find. Still yet to find anything good for keeping myself in defensive stance

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