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Thread: many spell preps and a few other things 500k mb

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    500k on antique yellow paper
    1.5 on thin hoarfrost rimed slip
    An Ithzir seer suddenly opens her eyes and stares directly at you!
    An Ithzir seer shoots strands of webbing at you!
    AS: +450 vs DS: +291 with AvD: +41 + d100 roll: +78 = +278
    ... and hits for 110 points of damage!
    Strike to stomach sends you doubling over to the ground.
    You are knocked to the ground!
    You are stunned for 15 rounds!

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    I will put a 5m buy out on any of them if someone wabt s it outright

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    MB on the thick parchment, thanks!
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    Stormyrain evenly asks, "Did you just make Cruxophim a god?"
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    water-stained off-white parchment

    1 mil

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    Odd-hued 416 prep

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    Water stained off white 1.2m

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    indigo-veined vellum 800k
    silver-edged indigo sheet 2.5m
    water-stained off-white parchment 1.5m
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    water-stained off-white parchment 2m

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    MB on the other thick parchment that Crux didn't bid on.

    (If I'm understanding right that you have two of them!)

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