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Thread: Room numbers on locate?

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    Default Room numbers on locate?

    Is it possible to get room numbers who you locate someone? Used to work for me in the past Rnum seems to only ever show the room I am in. Not helpful when I am looking to do rescues on folks and would love to find a way to showcase the located room number instead. Massive help to figure this one out!

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    I typically open narost and then right click it, and put a description of the room I've seen through (116) and it will give me the room so I can click it and go there it's not fool proof.. but unless the area has multiple rooms with the exact same description it should get you there.

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    if you are using lich to locate though, it should show you their room number not yours... so idk

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    Default can use ;go2locate (download it from Repo first)

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    yeah wasnt thinking of lich locate was using in game one. Might give that one a try I wish I could remember how I set it up years ago to work. Just might not be something that functions anymore! Thanks for the feedback

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    ;go2locate works for 116. If your using Lich to locate someone and they have the feature allowed, then the room number will show

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    @mice that is absolutely perfect gets me close enough to what I was needing

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