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Thread: Pre-EG sale - Illusion gloves

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    Default Pre-EG sale - Illusion gloves

    May as well start as I have alot of general tickets from previous EGs and DM

    10M each

    These are nonfunctional handworn and create an illusion when you are LOOKed at:

    Shows above the "hands" line, you can hide the gloves from being visible, leaving only the messaging on your hands. They should have some nice wear/remove messaging too, will know more tomorrow.

    some tattered muddy brown glove - A thick layer of dried mud covers his/her hands.

    some icy blue gloves A ring of icy orbs encircles his/her hands.

    some fiery crimson gloves A ring of flaming orbs encircles his/her hands.

    a pair of wart-encrusted gloves His/Her hands are covered with clusters of warts.

    some flour-covered gloves His/Her hands are covered in a light dusting of flour.

    some bloodstained gloves His/Her hands are covered in a thin layer of bright red blood.

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    Bump, most gone.

    Have enough for one more at the moment.

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