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Thread: 5-setting perm ring

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    Default 5-setting perm ring

    The one from DR.

    You remove an enruned urglaes ring from in a magical item bin.
    >tap ring
    ->  1 River's Rest, Town Commons
        2 Solhaven, North Market
        3 Icemule Trace, Town Center
        4 Marsh Keep, Secret Study
        5 River's Rest, Sanctuary
    >anal ring
    You analyze your urglaes ring and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.
    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This urglaes ring is a multiple-location teleport device with 5 settings.  Commands to use the ring include:
       TAP   - Shows the room names of all stored destinations.
       PEER  - Shows the current destination.
       RUB   - Teleport to the current destination.
       PULL  - Turns to the next stored destination.
       PUSH  - Turns back to the previous stored destination.
       TURN  - Sets the current room to a stored destination.
       TWIST - Allows you to specify a desired numerical destination.
    CB: 114.6m SashaFierce (SOLD)
    BO: not considering buyouts for now

    Standard once/twice/gone auction. Winner can pay in silvers or the cash equiv at 5-per.

    EDIT: Just to clarify, it can't go cross-realms (in case the list of locations above might suggest otherwise to people). WL-SH-IMT is one realm, IL-TV another, and ZL, RR, and TI are their own realms. In other words, the restrictions are exactly like a normal gold ring in this aspect.
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    2 coins

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    69 milllion please

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    Merchant Feedback here:
    -- Updated list of scammers in one place.

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    96 million

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    CB updated.

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    CB updated to 110m via a PM bid (who wishes to be known as Darkkrimson).

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    PM bid was from a troll account with a name picked to resemble a long-time member, and I didn't carefully check the post count. That bid has been withdrawn. Any further bids must be public. I know it looks suspicious but I just got played, sorry. If anyone else wants to withdraw their bids, feel free.

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