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Thread: Fishing, Diving, Questing EG 2017

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    Default Fishing, Diving, Questing EG 2017

    Deep Sea Diving

    Upon entry to the Abandoned Waters, (and with the appropriate diver's license from the SimuCoin store) you will be suited with a gnomish air helmet. This helmet will last for 30 minutes. During that time, you have up to 10 searches within the sea. This number is based on where you are searching. If you are searching in the shallow waters (we'll call this level 1), then you have 10 searches. If you are searching in deeper waters (we'll call these levels 2, 3, and 4) then you have 5 searches.

    On Level 1, there are no obstacles. On Levels 2 and 3, there are obstacles that you will need to counter. (IE: jellyfish, squid, etc.) These obstacles can be countered by using an appropriate item (harpoons, bellows, and fishing nets); these items can be found while playing any game - digging, mini-games, Deep Sea Diving, and fishing.

    Levels 2 and 3 provide an initial bonus, but in order to maintain or improve that bonus, you must appropriately counter those obstacles. Failure to do so will drop this bonus slightly, though it will never drop to zero. You can LOOK at any obstacle (or counter item) to get information about it. You have a limited amount of time to initiate a counter.

    Level 4 (which is a Premium only area) provides a bonus without obstacles. In addition, there are seashell caches to be found in this area. There are no caches on Levels 1, 2 or 3.

    You need to keep your body moving while you're in the deeper areas of the sea. The bends are unpleasant and will result in scrambling back to the shallower waters, which will also remove any bonus you may have accumulated.

    Items needed for the 2017 Quest can be found exclusively in Deep Sea Diving.

    2017 Quest

    The 2017 quest is a progressive quest that will require participation from many players.

    The quest is broken into 4 phases and is currently on Phase 1. In order to move the quest to Phase 4, players will need to participate! Once everything opens up on Friday (10/6), the "how" should become apparent. Some may have already figured this out based on NPC responses. There is an individual cap on participation, but continued participation beyond that cap still progresses the quest as a whole. Quest components will drop in Deep Sea Diving and can be traded/sold to other players.

    Sometime after the quest reaches Phase 4, a reward item will become available to all players. This item does not require a Pass (Games, Services & Raffles, or Shopping) to obtain, but it will attune to your character. In addition, it carries a silvers cost of 250k. In its base form, it is a zesty item that anyone can use. For participants who are at the individual cap for the quest, it will provide some mechanical benefits that will progress over the next 5 years based on quest participation in this and subsequent years, similarly to the Heart item from the Necropolis at previous Ebon Gate events. And finally, for those who choose to convert to the new deity, there is a third mechanical benefit.

    Note that in order to access the Tier 3 benefit, you must be converted to Ghezresh AND you must have participated to the full extent in that year's quest.


    It will cost 50 seashells to enter the fishing area. Once inside, (make sure you take your fishing gear with you!), you will remain until you catch a fish. After a successful catch, you will be removed from the room. Caught fish will need to be CUT to receive your prize (and maybe a filet). Fishing will yield items that are not found in other games, but can produce both Unique and Jackpot items.

    Fishing does not require any specific skill, though a bit of survival may help you cut out a filet. General knowledge of the fishing system will help, as fishing can be a bit time-consuming, especially when unfamiliar with this activity.

    You will need a fishing pole, fishing line, and bait, all of which can be found in the Fishing Shack down on the pier in Caligos Isle, though you're not required to purchase items from this shop - ANY fishing pole/wire/bait will function the same.

    Conversion to the new deity will require an item found in fishing. Those who do not want to convert will have an alternate path if this item is found. This item is also tradeable.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Happy DFQing!

    ~ Haliste ~
    The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor
    SGM, Events
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    I wonder where the seedpods tie into this.

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    From the vague description of the Quest prize I do not see how it will measure up to a Dhu kitten (one of my all-time favs, and I already have a familar), and that only took a couple of hours... but time will tell.

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    Excitement high but probably will be let down on quality of items

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    excitement is high as well for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by beldar17 View Post
    Excitement high but probably will be let down on quality of items
    I echo this sentiment.

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    Caligos Isle - More Than Just Mist on 10/04/2017 12:43 PM EDT
    Found only near the most active and violent of undersea volcanos, ghezyte is a substance of extreme rarity as it is only laid bare once the originating eruption site rises above the water's surface. Within the earthen crucible, liquefied shale and glass, sea salt, and minerals combine in the creation of the metal. As it is formed by rapidly cooling magma flows, its base composition is much like obsidian in hardness and application, capable of fracturing into shards possessing and keeping a supremely sharp edge.

    In appearance, the metal is glossy and smooth, and while it at first glance appears as black as any onyx, a closer inspection finds that it is actually a deep indigo with an iridescence that creates visual depth. Smoke grey striations are typical and, along with its unique composition, create within the material an impression of a fluid substance, the movement like that of an eel languidly stirring in a night black sea. The only known location to harvest ghezyte is Caligos Isle, and like some of its inhabitants, it holds a dark mystique. It is believed the mists shrouding the isle have infected the metal and that those who carry it will eventually fall prey to its sibilant whispers.

    Ghezyte carries a natural enchantment of 5x and has a unique flare inherent to this mysterious metal.

    The 2017 Quest Reward is crafted from ghezyte, and while there are no shops or raffles offering weapons/armor, there is a weapon available as a jackpot item.

    ~ Haliste ~
    The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor
    SGM, Events
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    Oh boy, 5x flaring!

    I realize that the bar was set high by previous Pay Quests, but a new flare? Hm.

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    << does initial damage than preceding damage over time from the magma >>

    I guess if you want to just stand and wait for the re-flare...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necro View Post
    GM inside man/leaker gave me a heads up on this. Called "Magma Flares", does initial damage than preceding damage over time from the magma. It's kinda cool.

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    Wow...this is all very complicated.

    Horrible pricing, currencies, levels...WTF Simu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Askip View Post
    From the vague description of the Quest prize I do not see how it will measure up to a Dhu kitten (one of my all-time favs, and I already have a familar), and that only took a couple of hours... but time will tell.

    My egg still hasn't hatched from last EG (I think).

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