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    I've been flirting with the idea of coming back to GS, but I don't think it's happening anytime soon. Too much going on in my life makes it difficult.

    I'm currently sitting on some decent blocks of premium points that I have no need for, and I'm wondering what the going rate on them would be. I'm primarily interested in cash at this point, as I'm really not going to be playing.

    First account
    Premium points: 8700
    Platinum points: 9000

    Second account
    Premium points: 13100
    Platinum points: 3600

    I've heard rumblings that there might be a one-way Premium to Plat conversion at some point, so that would mean my accounts could potentially support 17700 and 16700 Plat points.

    I'll likely also be selling some of my other gear, but the points are what I'm interested in at the moment. Let me know!


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    For premium points, the rate appears to be 7-9k silver per point (higher premiums for bigger blocks) based on the following posts and

    The silver to dollar conversion is currently at around $5 per million.

    So for example the first account, assuming 7.5k silver per point, would be 8700 pp * 7500 silvers/pp * $5.00/1000000 silver = $333.75

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    I am interested in premium points. If you do decide to sell, please keep me updated (or post here, etc.).

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    I would be interested in these as well.

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