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Thread: Pricing help, please

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    Default Pricing help, please

    Hey folks. First off, no I'm not leaving. Just have some bills I'd rather get paid now and haven't been playing much so am toying with the idea of selling a few of my things.

    I've got ideas on their value, but haven't been doing much merchanting lately and as these are typically used by me I may have put an inflated value on them and want to get more realistic amounts of what they can see.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

    1) Cloak - 50% weight reducing 'consolation cloak scripts' (<1/200)

    2) 8x 2-slot Fusion full plate (grapple flaring / 30% fire resists / 30% lightning resists / T3 ensorcelled / Morphing armor scrip)

    3) 8x double leather armor (MCP, fire resist, T3 ensorcell)

    4) 7x Perfect rolaren mattock (ExpCW / Undead Bane / Greater Elemental Flaring - fire / T1 ensorcelled)

    5) an ancient silver-edged mattock (+23, 30pts damage weighting, inspects as wood)

    6) a sky blue crystal globe charm (fully unlocked weather charm)

    7) bromin potion ( 4 single-dose pre-infused, and 1 six-dose bromin potions )

    8) Auction quality chrism holder (the one that can use a chrism on you instead of dropping it, 25% to keep the chrism)

    9) a gold-banded alexandrite wand topped with a crescent moon (303/310/313, 1x/day)

    10) an entwined iron and bronze rod (417/119, 5x/day dual dispell rod)

    11) a banded oak keg of plum and honey mead (unlimited keg, all the mead you could want)

    12) a ragged cloth curse doll (voodoo doll)

    13) a nasty little gremlin doll (Chucky doll)

    14) 6700 Premium Points

    15) 4700 Premium Points

    16) ~150k ethereal scrip (ghost bucks/Reim scrip)
    Player of Durakar

    Duskruin Arena shop list
    Want some scrip? Lemme know and we can work out a deal for the next time Duskruin comes to town.

    Zaigh's Locker

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    No idea, but I want in on the discussion if this comes on the block:
    4) 7x Perfect rolaren mattock (ExpCW / Undead Bane / Greater Elemental Flaring - fire / T1 ensorcelled)

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    Premium points have been selling for 7-12k+ in silver per premium point. I'd be interested in these but would have to take some time to see what I'd want done to use as much of (or all) of one or more of those blocks.

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