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Thread: Backpack with High end Goodies MB: $1

  1. Default Backpack with High end Goodies MB: $1

    Up for auction is a purple-veined black leather backpack. This is the encumbrance removing backpack, Epic deepened and lightened. Inside you will find:

    a 6x/6x T4 nervestaff - currently attuned
    5x/t3 parasitic staff with a tier 2 unlock (
    a small mandibular crucible - let's you breathe fire
    3m silver note (the best thing in the backpack!)

    This will be a CASH ONLY auction. I don't have time to convert stuff around. I will try to move this auction along as quickly as I can.

    MB: $1
    CB: $175 to malmuddy ONCE

    BO: $250

    For those unfamiliar with the backpack:

    You analyze your black leather backpack and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    You sense that the bulging veins lining the straps of your black leather backpack can infuse you with the surge you need to seemingly reduce your encumbrance once per day if you CLENCHed it.
    You also sense you could TOUCH, PROD, and RUB it.
    You don't think it should be altered at all except for the color of the leather. You think you could probably get the noun changed to "pack" or "knapsack" but not much else.

    You can tell that the backpack is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.
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    Going ONCE
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    I just want to confirm, by T4 you mean Tier 4 ensorcelled correct?

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    6x/6x T4 nervestaff means that its unlocked to tier 4 of nerve staff flares (the max, giving you berserk and etc)

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    What do you mean by breathe fire?
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