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Thread: Level a rut. Possible to change hunting strategy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viekn View Post
    Thank you all for the help. Lot of good suggestions here.

    I enjoyed being on Teras during the anniversary event. Lots of good people there, so I definitely think I'll head back and try the thraks/pyros for fun, but can also go back to doing Kiramon there.

    Also, I never really try to mix anything up other than using 901/903/904/505, so I think trying out 909/917 on Shan is definitely worth a shot.

    If none of that really improves my outlook, I'll just focus on other characters for awhile then circle back to my wiz.
    917 will rip most squishy things to shreds. On more heavily armored stuff, not so much.
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    Phantasmas in Varuna (43) and warhorses (37). 502 handles business on the warhorses for sure

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    Watch out for the skeletal lords though, same area and they disarm.

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    Icemule/Pinefar is real easy for a wizard around that level. The treasure's not great, but 906/908 destroys everything. Greater ice giants usually have pretty good loot, but they're not super plentiful. Glacei and frozen corpses right outside the Pinefar trading post are really easy with 908, though not especially profitable. Even though the glacei wound your hand when you search, they won't go beyond a level 2 wound. My wizard just went around with a broken hand all the time for several levels. You do need some acantha or something for the HP loss, though.

    You could probably do miners pretty easily in the GY.

    Kiramon are easy, too, and you can find them in WL, EN or Teras. The Kiramon in Darkstone don't gen that fast, though.

    Keep in mind you can just use an ebladed runestaff in areas with disarm mechanics.

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    << Also, I never really try to mix anything up other than using 901/903/904/505, so I think trying out 909/917 on Shan is definitely worth a shot. >>

    For anything that can be stunned, 502 is now a great option.

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    Pure wizard is possible without bolting, as well. I have torn through everything from level 1 with 1700 (I stopped using this when I became able to land 516 pretty much all the time - level 25), 502, 516, and the occasional 505 for a stun or 512 for lockdown, though I generally just walk away from swarms.

    Here's how I've trained, as a Burghal Gnome Wizard, with stats set for 100:

     Lofe (at level 54), your base skill bonuses, ranks and goals are:
      Skill Name                         | Actual  Actual
                                         |  Bonus   Ranks      Goals  In-Game Time to Goal
      Physical Fitness...................|    156      56         56
      Arcane Symbols.....................|    156      56         56
      Magic Item Use.....................|    156      56         56
      Harness Power......................|    154      54         54
      Elemental Mana Control.............|    156      56         56
      Elemental Lore - Fire..............|     30       6          6
      Elemental Lore - Water.............|    150      50         50
      Survival...........................|    156      56         56
      Perception.........................|    156      56         56
      Climbing...........................|    114      28         28
      Swimming...........................|    114      28         28
      First Aid..........................|    156      56         56
    Spell Lists
      Major Elemental....................|             54         54
    Spell Lists
      Minor Elemental....................|             33         33
    Spell Lists
      Wizard.............................|             53         53
    You'll have to do a little experimentation to find what works best on any given critter, but as a fire-attuned mage, I either attune element if fire works well (undead, trolls, cold stuff - he frequently kills the slushes out by Illistim in 2-4 casts) or attune random if it doesn't. If you decide to kill kiramon for a while, you'll want to use random (unless you're non-fire, in which case, go with your element), as fire is the weakest element against them.
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    Dintarl, 917 should work great for Lofe too. Do you use that?

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    My level 40 wizard has been using a 909/917 to hunt for the past 20ish levels. I find it safer and less frustrating than bolting. Often with an evoked 909 as setup, by the first damage cycle of 917 the critter is already stunned and unable to hurt you. Being able to always stay in guarded/defensive is also a plus.

    I still bolt, but only use it to finish stunned & prone critter's who are on the edge of dying after a 917 cast. Because of this you don't even need to have MnE and MjE ranks to be as high as a bolting wizard, which allows you to put further ranks in wizard spells to help with enchanting and more 917 killing power.

    edit: I noticed you mentioned the miasmal forest in RR, where I've also been hunting for the past few levels. I find it very easy hunting there with 917. Greater moor wights doesn't even require a 909 setup, a single cast of 917 will stun them quickly and kill them before the end of the spell. To this day I don't know what exactly they can do (dispel?) because they always just die nice and quick when I cast at them. Swamp hags would require 909 as an opener and the cold version of 917, but then they die even quicker than the wights. Once again, other than seeing them drop those small black kettles, I don't know what they're capable of in combat. Greater bog trolls can often survive through a 909/917 cast for whatever reason, so I just ignore those. This is just to give you a comparison on bolting vs 917 in the same area.
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    Honestly, I haven't. He will likely start to use it a bit more once he leaves the Gossamer Valley. 502 fire is simply too strong to move away from in there.

    Also, re: Greater Moor Wight dispel. Use 520 Water in there if you're getting peeled. That version of the spell is sweet for places that like to strip spells.
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