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Thread: Level a rut. Possible to change hunting strategy?

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    Default Level a rut. Possible to change hunting strategy?

    I've been in kind of a rut with my wizard main. He's been a pure bolter since level 25 and for the past 4 levels he's more or less been stuck hunting lesser/greater moor wights and baesurkha in the Black Moor in Illistim. I've tried forest trali but the shaman can easily kill me with spike thorn. I've tried shan but they're a pain in the ass with getting hit with sounds and the warrior maneuvers. I recently up-hunted in the Fethayl Bog in Vaalor and did fine but was shocked at the poor loot. I've tried RR but really dislike some of the mechanics in place in the Miasmal Forest (dispel from wights and some other stuff) and the Rotting Chimera in Marsh Keep can really do some damage if you fail any of their multiple poison attacks. I've also done forest bendith and wood sprites and they're fine I guess, but really not much different than what I've been doing.

    But maybe it's bolting I'm just not having as much fun with anymore also? I primarily just 903/904/505 stuff until dead, usually 3-5 shots. At level 41 though, not sure if it's viable to switch to either being a UAC warmage with 1 sec kicks or if there's any CS setup that would be viable for me at that level yet.

    Would appreciate any thoughts people have.

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    I have the answer for you, it was what I did with my mage at about 60 trains, he is a pure bolter as well, so, I rolled another mage, he is a UAC, 40 trains now and still a lot of fun, but I mix up playing my alts so I never seem to get to bored with one thing, when I want to ambush, rogue, wrecking crew, paladin, be a goofball, bard. You get the idea.

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    Thanks Kutter. I have a level 23 UAC cleric that I have fun with and I also recently started a rogue. I think my issue is that I more or less try to play all 3 at the same time, spreading out my play time among them all throughout the month when I should probably just be focusing on one at a time to really mix up the flavor. I appreciate the input.

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    Try pyros/thraks on Teras. Thraks are super easy and swarm regularly.
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    I'm not positive on the bolty wizardy part, but Kiramon are everywhere, and were super easy to punch to death between 40-50. Might be worth a look.

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    Been a long time since I had a mage at that level but what about the raptors/leopards near Trali? You'd have to skin to get any loot but I remember them being easy exp when I had a polearm warmage in the mid 40s.

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    I would second the kiramon thing, if you're planning to stick to bolting. They go down very quickly to 904, and you can stay out and keep hunting if you feel like it without having to worry about loot weight because they only drop gems.

    I did ok with Shan, but I had help, so that made it a little easier. Sheruvians (monks and initiates) were also a pretty good time and had decent loot. If you're in Voln and have access to wands, you could also try taking a stab at lesser vruul (just make sure you can either rescue yourself or let people know you're going there).

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    I think I did frozen corpses in pinefar, their heads explode real good to minor fire.

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    My level 40 wizard is decimating Shan... (been hunting there since 37ish)

    909 Evoked - stomp, 917, 516 (if they don't die immediately) - rinse and repeat - about 25% of the time I have to cast 917 a 2nd time. Don't bother with the warriors. Don't stand in swarms.

    I hunt open-handed, self-spelled with COL. 917 is fairly impressive, and you never have to leave guarded stance.
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    Thank you all for the help. Lot of good suggestions here.

    I enjoyed being on Teras during the anniversary event. Lots of good people there, so I definitely think I'll head back and try the thraks/pyros for fun, but can also go back to doing Kiramon there.

    Also, I never really try to mix anything up other than using 901/903/904/505, so I think trying out 909/917 on Shan is definitely worth a shot.

    If none of that really improves my outlook, I'll just focus on other characters for awhile then circle back to my wiz.

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