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Thread: Over 400 Items - Buy some of it!

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    Default Over 400 Items - Buy some of it!

    I'm sorry, I don't have time to organize and identify everything in this list. Some of it is well known, other less so. Most of it can be found with a simple google search if you're interested in properties on the items. Many of these are scripted, many are "Tier 4" prizes from various events.

    I also don't have time to price all these items. Please PM me with interest in any of the items, and I will reply with a flat price to buy the item that is open for negotiation.

    As items are sold, I will cross them off the list of items available.

    My plan is definitely to rid myself of this list of items, or at least most of them one way or another. If players are not interested, then they will find their way into a pawnshop or trash can.

    Delivery to the Landing as I do not have FWI, unless you really want to spend an extra 50k to pay for chalk so my Sorcerer can deliver to another city.

    a battered bronze bascinet boasting brilliant blue boar bristles
    a bent golden crown pendant (2)
    a birth certificate parchment
    a black dreamstone emblem in the form of a decaying rose
    a black leather weapon harness
    a black plush crow
    a black silk envelope pouch
    a black sphene widow symbol with maroon-tinted legs
    a black spidersilk tunic (3)
    a black spidersilk vest
    a black-collared white shirt with wide cuffs
    a blackworked bull minotaur horn with a silver mouthpiece
    a blood red stone emblem depicting a hissing cat (3)
    a bloodstained leather survival kit
    a bloodstained promissory note
    a bloomed amber rose symbol stemmed with a sylvarraend ruby (2)
    a blown glass lily symbol of swirled white and green (2)
    a blown glass pendant painted with a decaying lily (2)
    a blue feather-shaped charm (5)
    a bony-plated fel alligator nutcracker
    a bound blue crystal
    a brass and gold capsule with a glaesine dome
    a brass and leather sword frog
    a brass-hinged modwir chest (4)
    a bright orange potion (4)
    a brushed gold promise ring set with a large solitary diamond (2)
    a buffed iron carousel-motif ring
    a carved lagoon opal dragonfly
    a carved maple hunting horn (3)
    a carved pearwood case
    a carved toy soul golem
    a charred puppy mask with a single patch of unburnt hair (2)
    a coarse burlap sack (2)
    a comical kobold hand-puppet with a bulbous nose
    a compact mistwood box
    a copper and amber sheaf of wheat pin
    a corroded copper musical note pendant (2)
    a costumed bard marionette
    a cracked bronze-cased compass
    a crimson silk drawstring gem pouch shot through with elaborate blackworking (1)
    a crimson-shot jet chaplet (3)
    a crooked fel wand inscribed with spidery runes
    a crystal-eyed silver dolphin symbol encrusted in blue coral
    a curvaceous nymph hand-puppet with flowing white robes
    a curved white alum feather symbol embellished with veniom
    a dagger-pierced heart emblem dangling blood red rubies (2)
    a dark brown monkey-faced pin
    a dark cobalt blue glass oil lamp
    a dark leather hood
    a dark mulberry silk gown with heavily ruched underskirts (2)
    a dark scaled leather bracer
    a dark silver dagger with a blackened hide hilt
    a darkened pine box (5)
    a deep black doomstone pendant adorned with a shattered skull
    a dented and scratched gold locket on a kinked chain
    a dented tin tip cup ()
    a dent-laden aged metal tip cup
    a dent-laden aged metal tip cup (2)
    a dirt-filled black ceramic bucket
    a dirt-filled yellow clay vase
    a dirt-filled yellow clay vase (3)

    a dirt-smudged silk handkerchief
    a dull dagger pendant bound with ivory (2)
    a faceted ruby heart symbol inset with a rose-cut sapphire
    a faded black felt hat
    a fake gnarled gold tooth (6)
    a fake rotted tooth (2)
    a fake-looking black goatee (5)
    a fake-looking white beard (2)
    a felwood pegasus miniature
    a filthy toy skeletal giant
    a fine pair of carmine wool shoes with supple gold suede laces
    a fine-boned lizard skeleton wand
    a flame-shaped blazestar symbol speckled with grey jasper
    a flask of glowing blue ectoplasm
    a flask of lumpy red liquid
    a flat vaalin scroll symbol marked with five colored circles
    a flattened iron anvil emblem (2)
    a fractured crystalline pink heart pendant
    a frayed burlap sack (4)
    a frayed leather harness (3)
    a fused pile of vaalin
    a glaring toy stone troll
    a glass bottle of blue ooze
    a gnarled wrotwood torch (3)
    a golden blazestar symbol dappled with umber sards
    a golden laje pegasus symbol embellished with veniom
    a golden toy chest charm
    a gold-latched rosewood jewelry box carved with tangled vines
    a gossamer flame-hued scarf (2)
    a grey thunderstone emblem depicting six writhing tentacles (2)
    a gritty twisted wand
    a gut-stitched hide instrument case with a crude bone toggle (2)
    a hammered invar anvil symbol
    a hammered mithril barbute (2)
    a hazy cordierite ghoul
    a heavy cast iron kettle
    a heavy dark mithril back sheath with a jawless mount
    a heavy-jowled troll mask (2)
    a hip-length raw silk tunic with a bronze-buckled belt (3)
    a hollowed glass rod inset with a zorchar filament
    a hunched gnome bandit hand-puppet wielding a tiny dagger
    a jagged silver sickle emblem (2)
    a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim
    a jointed wooden doll
    a knee-length silk skirt of alternating peridot and indigo panels
    a lackluster gold pendant adorned with a stringless lute (3)
    a laje-buckled leather swordbelt (2)
    a lapis-inlaid silver mermaid pin
    a large misshapen gold key emblem
    a large wedge of wrotwood (3)
    a layered silk satin dress of a deep ocean blue color
    a lustrous blue tanik baldric throated with a shard of alexandrite
    a matte black deathstone skull brooch with faceted ruby eyes
    a mechanical gold shaggy dog toy with smoky quartz eyes
    a mechanical silver faerie toy with translucent sapphire wings
    a mechanical toy cat
    a mechanical toy dragon
    a mechanical toy spider
    a mechanical toy turtle (2)
    a miniature dollhouse pendant
    a mithglin emblem depicting an abandoned shield on a deep red field
    a multi-colored snail shell
    a narrow black goffering iron
    a narrow supple leather wrist sheath
    a pair of black mithglin gauntlets swirled with blue streaks
    a pair of black satin slippers with bone skeleton-shaped adornments
    a pair of fog grey marbled leather boots with a series of intricate buckles
    a pair of gold-runed silk casting gloves
    a pair of gold-studded leather gauntlets banded with crimson
    a pair of green leather boots fastened with mithril buckles (2)
    a pair of soft-soled silk shoes
    a pair of supple black leather rolaren-buckled gloves
    a pair of thin black silk gloves with copper mesh palms
    a pair of vaalin-sigiled silk gloves (2)
    a pale pink cotton handkerchief
    a pale rowan wand twisted into a spiral
    a pale toy nedum vereri
    a pale yellow skirt embroidered with ecru daisies (3)
    a partially burnt old tome
    a pearl-inlaid haon jewelry box beset with silvery blue blossoms (3)
    a plain polished steel flute
    a plump troll-faced pin (2)
    a polished platinum band inset with a cluster of perfect blue diamonds
    a polished silver mesh duffel bag secured by veil iron rivets
    a potent blue-green potion (4)
    a purple velvet drawstring gem pouch
    a razor-sharp pit-knife (2)
    a rectangular matte black invar tin with an eostone toadstool latch
    a red roestone heart symbol pierced with a white opal dagger
    a red wool vest with a fur-lined collar (3)
    a reinforced invar razor
    a rose-edged ivory and ruby mirror with delicate gold filigree
    a rose-etched scarlet ora falchion with a carved vine hilt
    a round linden sewing kit painted with silvery wrens
    a round-cut star emerald necklace
    a ruby-eyed cat's head symbol crafted from black moonstone (3)
    a ruby-eyed emerald serpent pin
    a rune-carved cerulean crystal
    a rune-etched black Faendryl robe
    a rusted iron hook with a leather handguard (2)
    a rust-swept grappling iron looped with sturdy wheat-colored rope (3)
    a salt-stained driftwood pegleg (4)
    a scrawny toy zombie rolton (1)
    a scuffed golden anvil symbol pocked with dark bronze
    a scuffed laje emblem depicting a wounded pegasus (2)
    a scuffed leather kit with a mithril buckle
    a series of alternating ruby and emerald anklets
    a sharp-tipped white monir toothpick (4)
    a sheer white silk blouse with web-stitched patterns (2)
    a shrunken blue krolvin head
    a sickly-looking dolphin emblem embellished with moonstones (3)
    a silk-lined aubergine ankle sheath
    a silvery mistwood flute encrusted with faceted firestones (2)
    a sinew-laced leather flute case with a roughly hewn latch
    a skull-stamped black leather eyepatch (4)
    a slate grey emblem set with a bulging yellow eye-shaped sapphire
    a slate grey marble altar inscribed with dark crimson runes
    a sleek dark maoral wand with black striations
    a slender ebonwood cane capped with a silver wolf's head
    a small gold silk box (3)
    a small green marble shrine
    a small hunk of veniom
    a small ingot of laje
    a small light blue dollhouse toy (2)
    a small shadowy black velvet pouch
    a small sturdy brass stove
    a small white dollhouse toy
    a small wrotwood box (2)
    a small yellow dollhouse toy
    a smooth jade serpent symbol inset with brown agate eyes (3)
    a smooth oak case (7)
    a smudged studded iron bracer
    a snarling invar baby dragon
    a soft toy cerulean warbler (2)
    a soil-stained voucher (2)
    a speckled tiger maple jewelry box outlined with glossy obsidian disks (3)
    a square golden imflass compass
    a square of fine grained sandpaper
    a squat pale grey crystal bottle
    a stained toy bone golem
    a stained toy skeletal lord
    a steel close burgonet plumed with a colorful set of feathers (5)
    a steel-forged wilted black rose emblem
    a stiff leather tricorne
    a storm grey quiver
    a strand of leather
    a sun-faded linen bandana (2)
    a supple white silk coin pouch
    a tall alabaster lace ruff infused with glimmering silver and gold frills (4)
    a tall blood red lawn ruff strewn with dove white chalcedony beads
    a tall ebon organza ruff adorned with metallic copper pleating (5)
    a tall jade linen ruff
    a tarnished gold scrying bowl
    a tarnished silver fist-shaped emblem
    a tattered toy ghostly pooka
    a thick carved ruic wristlet
    a thin braided leather belt
    a thin-ridged blue imflass buzzer (4)
    a thunderstone emblem painted with an impaled two-headed serpent
    a tightly woven steel mail coif (2)
    a tone-on-tone onyx brocade handkerchief
    a toy skeletal warhorse
    a tufted white and grey rabbit fur scarf (2)
    a twisted eight point silver star emblem (2)
    a viridian silk velvet gem pouch woven with gilded silken drawstrings (4)
    a wailing toy banshee
    a warped driftwood scabbard
    a wave-etched veniom ring
    a weathered leather baldric
    a weathered leather bandolier (3)
    a weathered leather sling
    a weathered leather wand belt
    a white birch jewelry box inlaid with wren-shaped carnelians
    a white pearl chaplet
    a white-bordered red parchment
    a wide carved ivory bracelet (3)
    a wisp-formed chrysoprase symbol caged in scarlet despanal (2)
    a wolf-capped haon cane inlaid with silver scrollwork
    an alum-studded leather frog (2)
    an ampulla of snake venom
    an ashen grey toy mourning dove with softly ruffled feathers
    an azure-tinted black velvet grackle (3)
    an elegant puma fur pouch
    an emboidered silk instrument case with a circular latch (2)
    an embroidered grey spidersilk satchel
    an emerald-hued imflass trident symbol adorned with blue coral (2)
    an enruned blue vaalin scarab amulet
    an eye-bulging mottled green toad nutcracker
    an iron-buckled leather baldric (5)
    an iron-studded shoulder guard made of articulated leather scales (2)
    an ivory knucklebone ball (2)
    an ivory-dotted plush chestnut wren
    an oblong crystal scrying bowl
    an onyx jackal's head symbol set in red gold (2)
    an onyx-formed smashed black widow emblem
    an orbicular wispy red glaes emblem
    some black steel-plated boots
    some curly light brown hair
    some exquisite inky black gloves
    some flat silver-laced sandals (3)
    some gold-threaded black silk suspenders
    some green and ivory prayerbeads
    some grey marble prayerbeads connected with crimson silk ribbon
    some polished moonstone prayerbeads
    some weathered chalk white gloves
    some white spidersilk pantaloons
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    Interested in these. Sending a PM.

    a birth certificate parchment
    a dirt-filled black ceramic bucket
    a dirt-filled yellow clay vase
    a dirt-filled yellow clay vase (3)
    a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim
    a miniature dollhouse pendant
    a reinforced invar razor (2)
    a shrunken blue krolvin head
    a soil-stained voucher (2)
    a brass and gold capsule with a glaesine dome
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    I'll take this

    a bloodstained leather survival kit
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    a pair of gold-studded leather gauntlets banded with crimson
    I'll take these.
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    A handful of items have been marked unavailable (color change), and are pending delivery. PMs have been sent to interested parties regarding prices and availability.

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    a coarse burlap sack I would like both depending on the price

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    a bloodstained promissory note
    Ill take this lol

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    a potent blue-green potion (4)
    a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim
    a rune-etched black Faendryl robe
    a blue feather-shaped charm (5)
    I'd be interested in these.
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    i offer MB on ( a coarse burlap sack (2) ) and a deep black doomstone pendant adorned with a shattered skull ,
    a jet black spidersilk cloak edged with silver silk trim
    some white spidersilk pantaloons
    a blue feather-shaped charm (5)
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    All, sorry for the slow response this weekend. Had a fun weekend at a music festival, so not much time for sales updates. I'll be updating the list of items soon!

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