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Thread: Locker Sale: Illusion Pin, Armor, Weapons, Containers, Clothes!

  1. Default Locker Sale: Illusion Pin, Armor, Weapons, Containers, Clothes!

    Delivery available WL area and FWI. Let me know of any specific questions and I can try to find out.

    1) a gold-speckled white opal teardrop brooch (MB: 10 mil)
    - Illusion Pin (
    - Churning droplets shroud him/her and glimmer faintly with the heat of a mirage
    - Brooch can be hidden in inventory by COVER verb

    7) a dark sepia leather bodice with flashy diamond buttons (MB: 20K)
    - Pin worn
    - Laceable, Only specially crafted sleeves, buttons, laces, and ribbons can be attached to this item. This bodice currently has buttons attached to it. To remove the buttons, simply UNLACE bodice buttons. To reattach the accessory, LACE bodice WITH (accessory)

    9) a fitted grey bodice trimmed with tiny seed pearls (MB: 10K)
    - Pin Worn

    11) a hip-chain of linked cloisonne fern fronds (MB: 10K)
    - Belt Worn

    12) a cream silk shirt cuff-punctured with black vaalin feathers (MB: 15K)
    - Chest Worn

    13) a fitted amaranthine bourde blouse with ruffled silk cuffs (MB: 10K)
    - Chest Worn

    16) a crimson chainsil purse with a silver twist lock closure (MB: 15K)
    - Belt Worn, Holds Medium Amount

    17) a prim blackberry bourde bliaut accented by onyx stripes (MB: 15K)
    - Chest Worn, Pocketed, stores a very small amount

    32) an extravagant golden brown wig (MB: 15K)
    - Changes the look of your hair, “glossy golden brown hair styled into a cascade of tiny ringlets.”

    37) a dull glaes broadsword (MB: 50K)
    - 5 pounds, nearly 3x (+13), temp very heavily damage weighted damage, quite a few swings.

    33) a teak-hafted vultite war mattock. (MB: 50K CB: 50K Kaisersoze - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - 4 pounds, 5x, ice elemental infused.

    40) an ornate vultite short sword (MB: 100K CB: 100K Kaisersoze - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - 2 pounds, 5x, enhancive...+1 to AURA BONUS 4 trains...+3 to STALK BONUS 3 trains giantman charges, temp MASTERFULLY damage weighted quite a few charges,
    30) a black lace hair-ornament (MB: 15K, CB: 15K Sylvan Dreams -SOLD - DELIVERED
    - PULL/PUSH to insert/remove gem
    - Description with no gem inset: a black lace hair-ornament
    - Description with a gem inset: a black lace hair-ornament pinned by a gemstone
    28) a sturdy satchel securely strapped with lattices of suede (MB: 30K CB: 50K - Subishigrl -DELIVERED
    - Shoulders/Back Worn, Pocketed, Large Amount of Items
    - You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the sturdy satchel for you or deepen its pockets.
    4) a sunflower yellow cotton cloak (MB: 50K CB: 50K SOLD - Gompers - DELIVERED)
    - Pocketed, significant amount
    - This cloak is currently an off-the-shelf version and could be unlocked one more time. Wings are always organza, but the color can be altered. These wings are: ebon-hued. Current verbs: BOW, PINCH, PULL and PUSH.
    24) a smoky silk vaalin-bladed fan (MB: 100K, CB:100K, Lexbubba - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Currently, you are able to OPEN, CLOSE, PROD, PUSH, TURN, POKE, COVER, TAP, TILT, PULL, NUDGE, RAISE, RUB, TOUCH, WAVE, WEAR, and REMOVE the fan. You may also find it quite the thing for sheathing a dagger and giving it a FLIP back into your hands. Your demeanor in some of these actions may make a difference.

    26) a heavy leather harness (MB 15K, CB: 200K Lexbubba - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Polearm weapon displayer, 1 weapon
    - This harness will hold a polearm/runestaff type weapon and displays it all pretty-like. Currently, you can SLAP, PUT/DROP (into), and GET (from) the harness. SLAP is a bit tricky -- it will change how you PUT and GET appropriate items from your container. This harness is currently Tier 1 (of 2), but it can be unlocked by some talented merchants.

    27) an iron-buckled leather baldric (MB: 15K, CB: 15K Lexbubba - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - This item is a dual weapon displayer. It cannot have a long description. It is unlocked.

    34) a golvern scimitar (MB: 35K CB: 50K Lexbubba - SOLD - Delivered
    - 3 pounds 5x, defender weapon...+8.

    2) a scarlet trimmed knee-length suede coat interwoven with black lace ribbons (MB: 150K CB: 150K Zoeybeth - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    - Shoulder Worn, Stores an Exceptional Amount
    - You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the suede coat for you or deepen its pockets.

    3) a wrist-buckled black leather coat split down each side (MB: 30K, CB: 180K Viekn - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    - Shoulder Worn, stores a very large amount
    - The black leather coat is a garment that changes messaging depending on the climate you're in, or whether it is raining/snowing outside. This item can be altered, it just needs to remain the basic essence of what the item is (no changing a cloak into a dress, but a cloak into a coat is fine).
    - The coat isn't unlocked. It has 4 verbs.
    - This is currently set to be a coat of some sort. The coat currently has a default fastener, but it could have custom ones added by a skilled merchant. The coat currently has default pockets, but it could have custom ones added by a skilled merchant. Options are a small pocket, a large pocket, small scabbards, weapon loops, large pouches, and small pouches.

    5) a triple-tiered scarlet velvet cape (MB: 50K CB: 60K Tattoodangel - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    - Pocketed, significant amount of items
    - This cape is currently an off-the-shelf version and could be unlocked one more time. Wings are always organza, but the color can be altered. These wings are: ruby-hued. Current verbs: BOW, PINCH, PULL and PUSH.

    6) a flounced satin skirt in dark cherry hues (MB: 75K CB: 90K Tattoodangel - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    4 Verbs
    - (STAND) Standing primly, you fluff the fabric of your skirt out until it drapes down in a perfectly smooth and unblemished fashion.
    - (RUB) You slide the fabric of your skirt through your fingers, smiling to yourself as you let your mind drift.
    - (PUSH) You push your hands down against your skirt in an elegant gesture.
    - (TURN) You turn slowly, flipping the lower portion of your skirt out so that it swirls with you. As you complete the revolution, you smile ever-so-slightly.

    8) a stiff lapis leather corset with silken epaulettes (MB: 20K CB: 20K - SOLD/DELIVERED)
    - Pocketed, stores somewhat small amount of items
    - Worn over Front
    - This item is intended to have a "steampunk" theme, and remain something machinery-related. Currently the messaging indicates it has tiny bronze gears. They should remain something like gears and can be changed by a skilled merchant. The corset can be altered with a long or a show, just keep all this in mind when working with a merchant.

    10) a soft ebony bodice laced with deep carmine silk cords (MB:10K CB: 10K - SOLD/DELIVERED)
    - Pin Worn

    14) some midnight leather pants with a thin heliotrope-hued belt (MB: 15K CB: 15K Tattoodangel - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Pocketed - very small amount

    15) some sculpted dark leather knee-boots paneled in brushed suede (MB 10K CB: 10K SOLD/DELIVERED)

    18) a snug strapless dress tiered hem-to-hem with ruffled black lace (MB: 15K CB: 15K SOLD/DELIVERED)
    - Chest Worn

    19) an ebon-swept scarlet silk ballgown with a gold-threaded black lace underskirt (MB: 50K CB: 50K ShinaraGSIV - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Laceable, Only specially crafted sleeves, underskirts, buttons, laces, and ribbons. can be attached to this item. This ballgown currently has underskirt attached to it. To remove the underskirt, simply UNLACE ballgown underskirt. To reattach the accessory, LACE ballgown WITH (accessory).

    20) a back-splayed emerald raw silk gown with a trio of folded pleats defining the stiffly corseted bodice (MB: 100K CB: 100K ShinaraGSIV - SOLD - Delivered
    - Chest Worn, Pocketed, Very Small Amount
    - This is a Vanishing Point gown.
    - 4 Verbs (GET, PULL, PUT, REMOVE, and WEAR)

    21) a strapless silver-blue faille gown with hints of aquamarine in the lavishly folded train (MB: 30K, CB: 30K Bblfn - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Chest Worn

    22) a trailing black velvet gown with delicate gold chains draping across the open back (MB: 30K CB: 40K Tattoodangel - SOLD - Delivered)
    - Chest Worn, Pocketed, a very small amount

    23) a lengthy silver lariat of cascading aquamarine slivers (MB: 10K CB: 10K Bblfn - SOLD - DELIVERED)

    29) an oversized bright yellow sunflower (MB: 15K CB: 15K Leafiara - SOLD delivered
    - Meant to be worn in your hair as a non-functional item
    - Pins hair back

    25) an opaque onyx black shroud (MB: 15K, CB: 250K Viekn - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - Feature Concealer... This shroud is a garment that covers the bottom half of the face. When worn, it will prevent others from seeing certain facial attributes and expressions. You could EAT, EXHALE, LICK, FLIP, PULL, RUB, and STARE at the shroud.

    31) a translucent crimson garnet locket set in a circlet of blood red rubies (MB: 25K CB: 25K - SOLD/DELIVERED)
    - Pocketed, a very small amount with enough space for one item.
    - You can try to RUB the locket, and when it is in yours hands, you can try to TURN the locket.
    - (RUB) You polish the jewels of your garnet locket to a perfect shine.
    - (TURN) You turn the garnet locket over in your hands, watching the jewels sparkle in the ambient light.

    35) a gleaming mossbark runestaff (MB: 35K - SOLD)
    - 2 pounds, 3x, enhancive, +1 to INF BONUS 2 trains, +2 to SL-Blessings RANKS 10 trains, +2 to WIS BONUS 11 trains, fair amount of charges

    36) a jade-handled glaes handaxe (MB: 200K,CB: 750K Zoeybeth - SOLD - DELIVERED
    - 9 pounds, 3x, Permanent Decently Crit weighted

    38) a bronze-tipped razern military pick (MB: 35K - SOLD)
    - 4 pounds, 2x, enhancive 3 to DEX BONUS 13 trains, 2 to WIS BONUS 11 trains, giantman charges

    39) a mithglin morning star (MB: 35K - SOLD)
    - 5 pounds, 3x, enhancive...+7 to INT 11 trains, +4 to AGI 6 trains, giantman charges.

    41) a scorched faenor mace (MB: 35K - SOLD)
    - 5 pounds, just under 2x (+8), enhancive...+3 to blunt weapon RANKS needing 12 trains, a lot of charges

    42) a gnarled faewood runestaff (MB: 35K CB: 35K Sold/Delivered)
    - 4 pounds, 5x

    43) a sigil-etched illthorn runestaff (MB: 35K CB: 35K Elerdran - SOLD DELIVERED
    - 4 pounds, 5x

    44) some light leather (MB: 35K - SOLD)
    - 6 pounds, 4x, temp mod +4 TD, incredible amount of uses

    45) some rolaren augmented chain (MB: 50K, CB: 50K Yuwen - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    - 22 pounds, 4x, temp somewhat crit padding, incredible amount of uses, temp mod to resist to frigid attacks

    46) a set of motley mithglin plate-and-mail (MB: 2 Mil CB:2.5M Leigo - SOLD - DELIVERED)
    - 39 pounds (Max Light), 3x, Permanent decently crit padding, slash resist with a LOT of wear and tear remaining, ASG 20
    - SHOW: While the chest plate, helm, and left arm greave are forged from the same dark charcoal mithglin, the other pieces of armor are a noticeably different color suggestive of a different smelting. The right arm greave is a pale blue-grey, and the leg greaves are each differing shades of black-swirled blue. The mottled blue-black coloring in the chain pulls the pieces together somewhat, though the plate-and-mail overall has somewhat of a motley feel.
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    mb 36 and mb 46 if the asg is full plate/20

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    Updated. Yes, #46 is full plate.

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    25. 15k
    30. 15k
    Truth, Justice and the Arabian way!

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    100k 25, mb 26

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    3. MB
    24. MB
    26. 25k
    27. MB
    28. MB

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    MB on 45

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    Mb 21, 22, 23, please

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    150k on 2, 50k on 3, 300k on 36

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