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Thread: Thinking of DE 2HW Paladin

  1. Default Thinking of DE 2HW Paladin

    Does anyone have a good suggestion on build? Goal is a 4x oldstyle sancted claid as the primary weapon.
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    I started to answer, but then I stopped because I've tried 3 builds: 1h + Shield, Pole and 2hw. Maul to be specific for the 2hw and I came to the conclusion that early on going 2hw or pole is very expensive TP wise due to the cost of Dodge. Now, when I say early on, I mean 20's through 80. I'm trying to get the gumption to go back to polearm as an option now that I'm 83, but realize I'll be sacrificing flexibility.

    You'll want to ensure the following at minimum:
    2x THW
    2x PF
    2x Armor Use till Hauberk/MBP, then decide how quickly you want to push to full plate
    1x dodge
    1x cman
    1x perception
    1x MoC to wherever you feel comfortable
    1x Paladin spell to 1635
    1x Minor Spiritual following 1635 to 120
    Mix and match harness power when TPs are available

    You'll want to get to 10x climbing and swimming ASAP, then taper off till later in life.

    I 2x PF above because if you don't kill the critter outright or prone them you're going to take lots of damage as a 2hw user. Moreso than polearm. You need to understand that going the route of 2hw, poles or 2 weapon combat, is VERY...disgustingly expensive for paladins because we're semis, so you'll need to sacrifice some training here or there until you get more TPs. Just come to terms that you're there to wack things for most of your career until you can balance the cost.

    Edit - Added MOC as a priority over spells based on TPs available and getting to double targeted strike asap.
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    You end up relying a lot on your spells to kneel or lock stuff down, I did THW paladin from 40ish to Cap, but now I use a star and tower shield, the DS and passive defensive difference at cap is just too insane to justify not using a shield I feel like. I can solo Riem and never get scratched until the final boss fight with nothing more than self-spells and a wizard spellup.

    So, it's possible and fun, but have a healer close by. On the other hand, the healer will love you. I just play so sporadically anymore that I try to be as independent as possible.

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    Waking this thread up, just wondering if anyone else has any ideas on a way to make a decent build for THW or Polearms that I won't get destroyed with between lvl 30-50(for right now) If your opinion is stay with OHE or OHB/shield that's fine as well.

    Also, if I want to be able to skin decently enough to do bounties, at lvl 31, how many ranks or survival/FA should I have? Never really understood how that works for skinning.

    Thanks in advance.
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