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Thread: Stuff collecting dust in my locker.

  1. Default Stuff collecting dust in my locker.

    Cleaning out the ole locker. Buyouts gladly accepted.
    Questions or bids can also be sent to me in game when I'm around.
    Stuff will go Once, Twice and Sold with daily updates.

    1)a corseted mithglin-hued marbrinus gown subtly swirled with blended midnight blue and black
    Fully unlocked Metallic Gown.
    CB:1.5m to Council Sold and picked up!

    2)a miniature dollhouse pendant
    Disk Changer. Fully charged.

    3)a golden toy chest charm
    Disk Changer. Fully charged.

    4)an ironwood and crimson eahnor tetsubo
    4x, Maul base, Somewhat Damage Weighted.
    CB:500k to TheKAK sold and picked up

    5)a blackened steel quiver
    Belt-worn Minor mechanical quiver. Put in arrow shafts and paint, cast a spell and it produces flaring arrows depending on the spell.
    Has never been used. Will eventually break but supposedly merchant fixable.
    CB:3.5m to GSPlayer SOLD!

    6)an alum-slated viridian silk fan
    Vanne fan. Holds a dagger and does fancy fan things.

    7)a small carnelian-hued codex
    Invoking this carnelian-hued codex will grant you permanent access to a special method of preparing your spells.
    It will provide the following phrase:
    First Person: With a rush of mana, carnelian foxfire flares to life and engulfs your hands in an ethereal glow...
    Third Person: Ethereal carnelian foxfire flickers into being along Azaton's hands, slithering across his palms...
    Hidden or Invisible: Ethereal carnelian foxfire flickers in the shadows.
    CB:1.9m to Zoeybeth SOLD!

    8)a glass dollhouse trinket
    The creator has also provided the following information:
    This is a prize token that, once REDEEMed, will "Grant you the ability to summon a Dollhouse Bedroom major sanctuary. You must have knowledge of this spell to use it. At this time, redemption of this customization will PERMANENTLY disable default messaging of this spell."
    The effect of this token is cosmetic. It does not increase the effect or damage caused by a spell.
    This item does NOT grant spell knowledge. REDEEMing this item assumes that the player already has the ability to cast the customized spell either from an item, Spell Knowledge, or having the spell cast upon you, if applicable.

    9)a small locker expansion contract
    +10 locker slots
    CB:2.5m to Losus SOLD!

    10)Dress Set
    --a golden peacock mask edged with jet and opalescent feathers
    --an ebon spidersilk gown bound with golden gossamer accents
    --a pair of golden gossamer gloves edged with ebon stitching
    --a pair of ebon slippers brushed with gold dust

    This was a T5 prize last ebon gate as a set and comes in a striated black cypress box. The analyze on some of these items is far too long to post here, just ask I can send it to you or meet you in game.
    The mask is a fully unlocked Duplicity mask
    The gown is a fully unlocked Peretta gown.
    The gloves have a wear, pull and wave messaging.
    The slippers can shuffle with a little ballerina-like dance.
    CB:20m to Jhynnifer Sold and picked up!
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