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  1. Default go2, narost (and xnarost), and sloot...

    Maybe even others, but these three don't want to work for me.

    I'm using lich on my linux system via crossover (which works in tandem with wine, I believe).

    I can play the game just fine, and (x)narost both give me a map, *but*, if I click on the map even just one room away, I get this error:

    --- Lich: go2 active.
    [go2: Map.dijkstra: error: $SAFE=2 to 4 are obsolete]
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:1231:in `block in call'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:1231:in `call'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:4178:in `block in dijkstra'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:4174:in `each'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:4174:in `dijkstra'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:4121:in `dijkstra'
    go2:850:in `block in _script'
    go2:826:in `loop'
    go2:826:in `_script'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:2489:in `eval'
    /home/john/.cxoffice/lnchInst/dosdevices/y:/GIV/lich/lich.rbw:2489:in `block (2 levels) in <class:Script>'
    [go2: error: failed to find a path between your current room (227) and destination room (224)]
    --- Lich: go2 has exited.
    It also happens if I simply type in the go2 instead of clicking on the map.

    The last error(s?) is with sloot. Here's what happens the *instant* I hit enter:

    >;sloot help
    --- Lich: sloot active.
    [sloot: ** failed to find uncommon sack]
    --- Lich: sloot has exited.
    I've deleted the .lic files from where the repo seems to put them then restart the game and re-download what scripts I need, but the same things keep happening. It's a real bummer because if I want to go anywhere farther than Wehneimers, I have to sit there and use the numpad and watch the map carefully or get lost and killed, heh.

    Anmyone have any ideas at all what might be going on? Is there a way in
    to 'delete' any of the *.lic scripts I have downloaded instead of deleting them with my file manager?
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