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Thread: Trade list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archigeek View Post
    As far as I know there are at least 2 perfect returners on ethereal strings. My permablessed axe, and the hammer that Hoy made and subsequently parted with. Neither one of those is up for trade though! Carry on Poison_owns. Good luck finding what you want.
    Also, congrats on permabless not being complete dogshit anymore
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    el hoyo = calidad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alashir View Post
    Also, congrats on permabless not being complete dogshit anymore
    I never thought it was. There's nothing like running out of bless in the middle of berserking. For most undead, crit weighting is nearly pointless, because they are generally pretty soft. There are only a few undead that aren't easy to crit kill with no weighting, or aren't non-corporeal. Weighting vs undead is largely ridiculously overpriced, and a waste of resources. Having one weapon that works for everything is nice though!
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    Yeah I covet a permabless two hander

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    Quote Originally Posted by poison_Owns View Post
    Currently in my possession

    140k Bloodscrip
    9.8m perfect stat sorcerer
    7x t4 (t5 when the sorc gets the juice) LCW (25 services) hammer returner
    10x UB t5 rotflaring LCW (20 services) hammer returner
    Lesser SD vambraces
    Merchant Feedback here:
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