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Thread: Wiz hunting question

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    Default Wiz hunting question

    I have a level 23 Sorc in IMT and I was wondering what would be good to hunt - I was hunting Nedum's but they are too easy and Wraiths Earth Boil just means death last I tried. Not sure if it is time to head to a different town or of there is something in the area I to hunt I am just not seeing.

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    23 is kind of a weird level range in IMT. You're not quite ready for the west gate stuff, and the Abbey gets annoying fast. You could theoretically do caribou and arctic wolverines in that cave up in Pinefar, but you probably don't want to mess with that (gotta go through some nasty stuff on Sleeping Lady to get there anyhow).

    You could try the stuff in Thurfel's Cellar, or Keep or whatever the bottom level is, but I think those creatures top out at 20.

    I think there are zombies in the farmhouse in Icemule, right? That's probably going to be your best bet if I remember that correctly. If that's not where the zombies are, you can find them in dajnirland in WL. Woodsmen in Sol are easy, but they hang out with wights that'll boil you. Fenghai in SOL are viable, too, but they might be hard to ward if you're set up as a pure right now.

    In a few levels, the ice trolls and cold guardians on the frozen battlefield will be a good option. Arctic manticores and tundra giants beyond the rolaren gate will also be a good option.

    I'd recommend going on the wiki and searching for "list of creatures by level." That'll give you a good sense of the options in your range.
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    Hunting wizards is simple, headbutt them and block their spell use, easy kill
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    Unless 540 activates!

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