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Thread: DM Lightening and Deepening notes

  1. Default DM Lightening and Deepening notes

    All notes sold on buy out.

    Prices are all negotiable. Let me know if you need to know which does what.

    a pale pink note 750k
    a light pink note 1m
    a bright pink note (5) 1.25m
    a vivid pink note (2) 1.5m

    a pale blue note (4) 1.25m
    a light blue note (3) 1.75m
    a bright blue note (2) 2.5m
    a vivid blue note (5) 3m

    a pale viridian note 1.5m
    a light viridian note 2m
    a bright viridian note 2.75m
    a vivid viridian note (3) 3.4m

    a light yellow note (2) 1m
    a bright orange note 2m
    a deep black note (3) 3m

    a square mold of clay 100k
    a rectangular mold of clay (4) 250k

    a white-bordered red parchment (2) 100k
    This parchment will unlock a Delirium Manor collectible case from Tier 1 to Tier 2, increasing its capacity to 30 doll parts and accessories.

    a soil-stained voucher (5) 100k
    This voucher will unlock a Magic Pot (originally introduced by Dawdley at The Hairy Potter) to Tier 2. The pot will grow decorative flowers and herbs at this tier.
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    Did you sell the clay?

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    they are all gone

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    I have both kinds of clay if you need some. PM me.
    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
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