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Thread: 67 Sorc Rebuild

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    Now for training recommendations:

    1. Drop your HP down to match your level (67)
    2. Re-distribute those points into EMC and SMC
    3. Drop your spell aiming down to 0
    4. Re-distribute those points into PT and Perception
    5. Set your spell ranks to level +21 for Sorcerer Ranks (88), MnS down to 30, and boost MnE to whatever you can squeeze out with the remaining points

    This training should net you better mana regen from MCs, better CS from 425 (you're not getting much with those extra sorc ranks), higher runestaff DS than you currently have, and significantly better SMR defense for those pesky maneuver based attacks (i.e. earthen fury). You will lose the ability to aim with 708, but guess what Fire Mages ignore 708 on the arms and are immune to stun, so 703 + 709 is actually better anyway (since it inflicts RT and blocks casting). Also, your 720 will suck a bit as well, but if you're hunting with 720 right now you're not going to get wealthy anytime soon! You'll also lose 81 mana points - however you shouldn't need that extra mana. Be making use of your society mana skills and also you can use Sacrifice once in a while if you're struggling with mana for any reason. Sorcerers can be very efficient with mana.
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    Hey Guys, I lost internet for a couple days due to Irma but I wanted to thank everyone for the comments. I've in the process of doing a rebuild and will let you know how it turns out.
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    Everything Maerit says about hunting strategies is spot on. Especially the fire resistance on the armor. I only had 50% ranger resistance when I did fire mages, but it made all the difference. Runs out fairly quickly in fire mages, though. But hey, get you some 95% resistance and you can forget about having your animate do the killing.

    As for training, I think that +21 sorc ranks is probably too low. You're still getting .5 CS/rank from 21-60. You'd get more CS overtraining sorc ranks rather than going up to 130. If you're in voln, you could definitely stop at 120. Your minor elemental ranks should be at 1x for max CS.

    I agree that you need to be 1x in perception and PT. You also might as well be 1x in SMC and EMC. Overtraining probably isn't worth it. You definitely should only be at 1x HP. I think spell aiming is best as a post-cap thing for sorcs. Focused implosion is nice, but all those SA ranks are a big hit to your CS. Who cares about focused 708 when you have 703 or 709.

    The easiest solution to your problem, of course, is to just go hunt minos on the mainland. Leave the fire mages to the empaths.

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