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Thread: 67 Sorc Rebuild

  1. Default 67 Sorc Rebuild

    So, fire mages 4, me 0. Earthern fury is just stupid powerful now and need to assess my build. This is where I am currently at and if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

    your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
    Skill Name | Current Current
    | Bonus Ranks
    Armor Use..........................| 30 6
    Physical Fitness...................| 90 20
    Arcane Symbols.....................| 168 68
    Magic Item Use.....................| 168 68
    Spell Aiming.......................| 238 138
    Harness Power......................| 248 148
    Elemental Mana Control.............| 90 20
    Spirit Mana Control................| 90 20
    Sorcerous Lore - Necromancy........| 169 69
    Climbing...........................| 105 25

    Spell Lists
    Minor Elemental....................| 35

    Spell Lists
    Minor Spiritual....................| 40

    Spell Lists
    Sorcerer...........................| 94
    A bolt of lightning streaks down from the sky and strikes you!
    ... 5 points of damage!
    Light shock to left arm. That stings!

    A tremendous crack of thunder follows instantly!
    Leslieanna laughs!
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    Leslieanna quietly exclaims, "Well, happy birthday!"
    Leslieanna snickers.
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    Physical Fitness is the number 1 trainable skill to negate maneuvers. Max that and reassess.

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    I haven't play a character that high in a while but I see you're pretty much 2x in Spell aiming, can't ya limb disrupt their right arm?

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    Unrelated to your current dilemma but I suggest getting 25 in either EMC or SMC handy for a free single cast of all your buffs, 2 at 50 etc it has a 24 hr timer.

    Back on point PT agreed and also the right arm tactic as well they. Any boil that earth if they have no right arm to cast it
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    Your Mana Controls seem very low. At the bare minimum I would .5 EMC and SMC to 1x between the two. 1x'ing each would be better.

    Your Harness Power seems too high. Bringing it down to even 1.5x would free up a lot of points.

    Conventional wisdom is now 1x Physical Fitness. I'm not convinced it's entirely necessary, but it probably helps. Either way, 20 is too low. .5x at least.

    Sorcerous Lore Demonology Ranks will help you phase heavier boxes to stay light. I don't recall the thresholds off-hand, but it's on the Wiki.

    Most importantly - a Sorcerers best defense is a quick and crippling attack. Starting, oh..about now... you are going to run into more and more creatures that if you don't disable them will kill you, fast.

    708, 711, 709 for swarms(NOT player friendly, so watch out for that), focused 720, etc. Use them.

    Macros are your friend. Learn them, use them, love them. By the time I have hunted any new place a few times I make a macro set so that any basic creature can be dealt with at the press of a button, or if I am fighting one and something else walks in I can take care of *that* one without switching targets or typing anything.
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    Perception will also help against maneuvers. I'd recommend that if it hasn't been mentioned already.
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    703 or aimed 708 is really your best defense but it won't help with the mages that autospawn with Earthen Fury. So as others suggested 1x PF and Perception to help. Also might want to post your stats, as they play an important roll as well.

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    My suggestion is going to Illy and doing maaghara tower, and then the ducts for the next 15 levels then returning to teras. Also getting your Mne up you are hurting yourself more by training in sorcerer spell ranks and not getting 425 and 430 up to par. IMHO you've put so much focus into an ensorcell build that you are lacking quite a bit. but that doesn't explain the spell aim because if you were doing that you'd have emc and smc at least 1x that controls the mana you get on node and off. also get that PF up... that should be 1x. No perception i'd drop almost all of my spell aim to equal out perception and pf to 1x it's that much worth it. My main is a paladin though.. so I don't know really.

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    Use peer and a macro to move, insta cast 703. With your CS they shouldnt be a problem, just 719 them.

    HOWEVER, i had quake when I was that level and used it.
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    I fought fire mages for a long time because Sorcerers are probably the most powerful enemy of that creature.

    #1 You need to actually train skills that help with SMR defense. Your training is bad for anything SMR related - which earthen fury is. I did this VERY recently on my Warmage who is fighting fire mages, and went from dying to earthen fury guaranteed, to surviving it 90% of the time.

    As I suggest so often, sacrifice your spell aiming. Get your PF to 1x and Perception to 1x. Both of those will contribute to your SMR defense heavily. You can't afford Shield Use or CMAN right now - but every character should be at least 1x in PF and Perception if they struggle against SMR attacks.

    #2 703 is your friend. I even designed a passive script to detect when entering a room with a fire mage, and when a fire mage enters the room. It will cast 703 immediately, provided I am not currently in cast rt, on said target. Very helpful! Plus, there's generally not a lot of players in the room, so I used the room version since Fire Sprites dispel often, and I didn't want them to cast either.

    #3 Sorcerers have the strongest tool of any tool in the game against fire mages - Animate Dead. This is the absolute best way to kill a fire mage. It will 100% negate their retribution effect when dying. I would go out, 711 and kill a pyrothag, equip the thing with an e-bladed lance, battle axe, or a 0x claidhmore, and do the following to kill the fire mage:

    1. 703
    2. 709
    3. 417x2.

    Fire mage gets killed by my animate - and the retribution never activates. Hunt without danger of injury.

    #4 Crit and Fire resist armor. When I was fighting fire mages, I was a little on the poor side. I bought some temp crit padded leathers, and added some ranger fire resistance. They never ran out of charges, and by the time I was done fighting fire mages, I was a lot richer. Once I had those items, I never died to another earthen fury. Once in a while I got injured enough to have to go to town, but the armor mitigated so much of the damage it was fantastic. I almost never had more than a rank 1 on any hunt. Get max fire resist from a ranger for like 250k.

    #5 Don't be encumbered. It goes without saying, but scroll infusion is your friend. 509 and 606 scrolls make life better. You won't be able to phase many of their boxes down to weightlessness due to them being very heavy, so bring a disk and bolster your strength.
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